VB.NET Tutorial For Beginners – Using Arrays (Visual Basic .NET)

In this beginner Visual Basic .NET tutorial we’ll be exploring arrays and methods to create, store, and retrieve various objects and data types from them. We’ll be focusing on both 1-dimensional and 2-dimensional data collections and we’ll draw a physical representation of our array to our form.

Tutorial Features:
VB.NET Arrays – Storing information to a data collection
GDI+ Drawing – Creating a 2D grid to represent our array data
Rectangles – 2D coordinates
Randoms – Random number generation
Windows Forms – TextBox, Buttons, Labels
Classes – Creating a Class Object for a Data Collection

TIP JAR: http://www.aardaerimus.com/tipjar.asp


Inspiring Ideas says:

Thanks for that tutorial. It was great!

grippnault says:

This is an awesome tutorial. I wanted to ask if you could do a tutorial on putting picture boxes in an Array? In this tutorial I used names in the Array like famArray(1) = “Grandma”. What I want to do is have grandma’;s picture displayed when Grandma is inside of the label (I used a label instead of text box for the output). I got it to work but I had to put a pb for each index and on top of one another so that the picture would be displayed in the same location  on the form each time. I would greatly appreciate the tutorial and I’m sure many others will also.

takova916 says:

Can you please help meeeeeee!!!
How can I delete from a array

new leaf88 says:

I love all your tutorials so far! You explain clearly and precisely. If I could ask for a tutorial on web automation applications, bots? It’s always been my interest. Thanks again and keep it up! Also, do you have twitter by any chance?

channoufi saber says:

I want to ask how to change the color of a table cell by clicking.
When you click the mouse on the box changes color :change the color array(2,3).
I hope you can reply .Thank you

Proud Conservative says:

so… could someone hook me up with their code?
I’ll give you a tracking cookie.
Found that funny? No?
I’ll see myself out

sams manik says:

are vb.net and .net in c++ different languages?

channoufi saber says:

 I want to ask how to build dynamic arrays:for example use dynamic arrays for the game of tic tac toe.I hope you can reply .thank you 

Joe Reynolds says:

Thanks for doing these. These are like the only reputable and recent VB.NET tutorials that I could find. I just needed to learn the language quickly for a job interview, and you helped with that. You and MSDN are very helpful 😀

keko pappa says:

These are damn awesome man. Can u also put complete tutorials on VB.net Cryptography and encryption ? THanks man

Jimmy Gaydos says:

Thank you for the great tutorials VB Toolbox. I’ve been going through each one!

XBbit0xKbronsit0x13X says:

Wow awesome. I’m just wanted to make a memory game with random numbers. I was trying to do it with structures because I don’t understand too much about 2d arrays, but is very helpful. I hope you can reply,, I need some help

Terry Blashington says:

yo buddy, can you just pdf the code so i dont have to type this shit in my class

jalalali40 says:

Thanks a lot for your tutorials and hope to share a video explains how to drag and drop an image from a picturebox to a picturebox inside form.
Thanks again

VRV Gadgets says:

Hello…. How can I create ActiveX Control in visual Studio 2015 using vb. Net.
That activex control I want to use in my SCADA project or in excel.
I want .ocx or .dll file in output.
So that I can register it and use it anywhere.
Please help.

zepher 315 says:

Can one of you post the code? I have to do this gay tutorial for school. and I don’t wanna do it. HELP!

Prof. Creeper says:

Thanks very much 🙂 Спасибо!

Devin Dwight says:

Great practices for starting up VB forms, love the logistics and the explanation of arrays.  Thanks VB Toolbox 🙂

Lovejoy Kufa says:

These tutorials are awesome keep it up hey

Pavneet Sidhu says:
Strider Saleh says:

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!! I couldn’t get a grip on this! My text box didn’t show nothing but thanks to you i understood and managed to make the same program with one less variable. I took out the Index and just used IndexPosition as a global variable. I also needed to add in another DisplayText when the buttons were pressed.
Tell me if this was a better idea. Thnx again 😀

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