Vb.net – Using Object Oriented Programming

In this tutorial I will be getting back to VB.NET for a bit to teach you guys how to enhance your programming experience by using objects!! Hopefully this will help you out in your large projects.

Thanks for watching!


namehereitis says:

Thank you ! Really great tutorial.

Akinwale Alagbe says:

Nice tutorials there, Thanks for the introduction to object oriented programming

Sarah an Jay James says:

Peace out

subs2meplease says:

Great tutorial. But agreed, you could have saved at least 5 minutes of recording time if you would have planned this out before hand.

somewony says:

thanks a lot for posting this

Pacific NorthWest says:

very helpful, I like to see [and hear thought process] very similar to my development process.

Xode Productio says:

Hey Brandon 😀 how about using Property Block? I meant for the “Get” and “Set” ?

Diego Canizales says:

Hey very nice vid, I was wondering if you can automatically generate getters and setters like you do in Eclipse for Java? Thank you and keep going!

Hotwire says:

Ad lib all you like. I got a lot from this tut, even the part where you got stuck.

Sar Sakal says:


redbitmartin says:

It’s really a great presentation from you sir. I’ve learned a lot from it because it contributes a lot in learning about OOP.

Sagn says:

Tip: go through the tutorial before you record it, but other than that great tutorial!

Cole says:

Why didn’t you just type g and hit enter..it would of set you up with ….
Property Title() As String
            Return TitleString
        End Get
        Set(ByVal value As String)
            TitleString = value
        End Set
    End Property
Then you could skip all that ME. crap 

ola Odusanya says:

Nice tutorial Brandon..U got the understanding skill.

hoang hoang says:

very easilly to understand ! thank so much

praveen balan says:

very nice teaching.

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