Visual Basic Express 2010 Tutorial 34 Programming The Shooter – EZInvaders Part 3 Game
This tutorial will move the shooter with the arrow keys. KeyDown will be used. KeyDown is a little different than KeyPress. Also, KeyUp will be used. Some hit detection will be used to check to see if the shooter has hit the edge of the form. The hit detection will prevent the shooter from leaving the form


Nicholas Plouffe says:

i can only move to the right by the end of the video

David Rodriguez says:

how move it up or down?

TheTechyPolishMan says:

Error 1 ‘Shooter’ is not declared. It may be inaccessible due to its protection level. C:Usersuserdocumentsvisual studio 2010Projectseasier game.vb 22 13 simple game

Randall Mulkins says:

why did you use a timer to move the shooter you could put the code behind picture box

under keydown on the picture box- e.keycode right = true then picturebox1.left = picturebox1.left + 10

refik maloku says:

Private Sub Form1_KeyDown(sender As Object, e As KeyEventArgs) Handles Me.KeyDown
        Select Case e.KeyCode

            Case Keys.Right
                TimerMain.Enabled = True
                C1.Left += 9
            Case Keys.Left
                TimerMain.Enabled = True
                C1.Left -= 9

        End Select
    End Sub
This is the easiest code to use

C1 is the name of the picture box

SchoolFreeware says:

Is the timer enabled?

In the timer properties set enabled = true.

Laura Snyder says:

its saying Error Operator ‘-‘ is not defined for types ‘Integer’ and ‘1-dimensional array of Integer”.

carson smith says:

On the “key up” you can just put.
SLeft = false
SRight = False

Ivan Vinski says:

You must use Shooter.Left to move the player because Shooter.Right is read-only. To move it to the right do something like: Shooter.Left += ShooterSpeed. But, I guess you learned this a long time ago since you commented like 10 months ago.

Whirlwind Gaming says:

fix it then…

Senakshya Sarkar says:

hey. its giving me errors “left is not a member of Boolean ” in those two lines ‘Shooter.Left’

Mickan834 says:

My VB doesnt no what a Boolean is
how can i fix this?

Gamerdude1710 says:

Nevermind I fixed it

Achref Abidi says:

 the code ,please

alex pineda says:

What language is he using? Please reply

UNITY3I3 says:


TheTechyPolishMan says:

Is not declared*

Diana Girdvilienė says:

My shooter doesnt move 🙁

Tutorial With Loobe ● says:

yes! it is.. is all as your video!

teemviewer for help me? 🙂

SchoolFreeware says:

@SuperVideopeeps check to see if the timer is enabled

Leon Oblak says:

To me too IDK why

Dynose says:

how can i make my shooter stop automatically after 2 seconds?
for example, startloc As New Point(0, 0)
StopLocation As New Point(150, 0)
and i want my shooter to stop at StopLocation?

Manuel Jaraba Jr. says:

sir.. maybe your speedshooter is in a boolean form…like me ^^ so i change it into integer.. 🙂 hope it help 😀

Tutorial With Loobe ● says:

Please help me! my shooter doesnt move!
Codes: htt p: / / pastebin. co m / wZHX9QYJ

SteamAdam says:

the client rectangle doent work for me i just get a its not a member of the main form error

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