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Learn how to get the tools, write code, and debug features. Look at customizations, and explore operators, expressions, and statements. Plus, work with strings and collections. Each video covers a different concept, so you can search for and focus on the information you need. Or start at the beginning, establish a good foundation, and step through all of the modules. The course wraps up with helpful next steps.

Lectures Included In Course:
1 | Course Introduction
2 | Installing Visual Studio
3 | Creating Your First Visual Basic Program
4 | Understanding Your First Visual Basic Program
5 | Working with Code Files, Projects, and Solutions
6 | Understanding Data Types and Variables
7 | Branching with the If … Then … Else Decision Statement
8 | Operators, Expressions, and Statements
9 | For … Next Iteration Statement
10 | Understanding Arrays
11 | Defining and Calling Methods
12 | While Iteration Statement
13 | Working with Strings
14 | Working with Dates and Times
15 | Understanding Classes
16 | More About Classes and Methods
17 | Understanding Scope and Accessibility Modifiers
18 | Understanding Namespaces and Working with the .NET Class Library
19 | Getting Familiar with the My Namespace
20 | Creating and Adding References to Assemblies
21 | Working with Collections
22 | Working with LINQ
23 | Enumerations and the Select Case Decision Statement
24 | Gracefully Handling Exceptions

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