Visual Basic .NET Tutorial 22 – How to show Running Current Date and Time in VB.NET

Date Time Functions In Visual Basic Visual Basic
Getting the current date in visual Basic
Date and Time for Visual Basic
Visual Basic Current Date And Time Label
Visual Basic How Can Display Current Time On A VB Form
Date & Time using VB.NET –
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how to display current date and time in visual basic
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Date Time Functions In Visual Basic
Getting and Setting the Current Date and Time


debojyoti basu says:

Whats the difference between and

Beta Raybill says:

thank you dude!

tuski last says:

Thank you. Its work.

Haute Swan says:

Thanks a billion!

Brad B says:


Ogunsola Emmanuel O. says:

nice lesson

Christian Zamora says:

Thank´s for your time for us. Cool tutorial.

Just some comment channel says:

Good for payload viruses 3:-)

ProgrammingKnowledge says:
Patrick McDonald says:

Excellent, thank you.

Ken Cule says:

Thank you Sir. This tutorial help me so much 🙂

robicher says:

Very clear! Thanks a lot!



Fred M says:

I know it’s a simple demonstration, but you really shouldn’t leave controls such as timers or labels (or anything for that matter) with their default names – i.e. Timer1, Label1 – especially if you are teaching new programmers – it’s encouraging very bad programming practices.   How about someone comes to read your code at a later date?  label1.. wtf?   they need to load the form design to work out in what context label1 is being used.  lblShowCurrentTime or similar is way better.  Just my 2 cents.

Saurabh Moharir says:

Nice, plz make one video for serial communication,hyperterminal related

ChongDinHok says:

how about if you want to put the AM and PM ?? what letter are we going to use?

LawlietSullivan says:

it was simple yet useful. thank you for this tutorial 🙂

talha shayk says:

thanks homie

Devyn Roy says:

why do i have to click it to get the time?

Ags Aguilar says:


Edmund Bajenting says:

what is the code for 24 hours ? or military time ?

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