Visual Basic .NET Tutorial 36 – How to use Chart /Graph in VB.NET

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I like such tutorials like this one. Thanks!

Abderrahim Rouay says:


TheyCallMeSont says:

Awesome, thanks!

kurdo jiin says:

thanks for sharing

chathura kumara says:

very helpfull video thnkx again

Mallik Tera says:

Thanks for the video…. This is very helpful

ProgrammingKnowledge says:
caboon says:

Hi. Thank you. It’s helpful.
I have 1 question. How can I hide the series label.
I have just 1, I don’t need it to show. Maybe like in 5:56. You have also just one, how can we hide “age”

Aye Nyein says:

special thanks to u

cosmopolite1 says:

Great video- thank you.

Rivai muchlis says:

thanks for you video.

chathura kumara says:


Rafael Cabrera says:

how can i fill this chart with database informartion?

David Velasquez Mejia says:

pretty nice and clear thank you

Jim Pross says:

You did a great job with this. Very helpful. Thank you!

ChongDinHok says:

I just wondering if you can also show us on HOW TO PRINT the chart you did by passing it to the reportviewer or SAP CrystalReport.

Sananth Ramesh says:

Can u please tell me how to plot graph for real time values
 from the serial port

HuSeYiN Akkaya says:

thank you

Killua Zoldyck says:

Nice one! Thank you..

alex blaba says:

Good day sir. can you please make a tutorial on how to filter data from your table between two dates?
it’ll be a big help sir. thank you in advace..

Bhavanamchethan Reddy says:

Can u please tell me how to plot graph from Excel file..

Niko Arwenda says:

TFShare, helpfull

Michael Jakson says:

I’m sailor , i like very much your aplication ! Thanks !

Vijay Kale says:

its gud… is there any component available in visual studio for showing runtime values in trend??

유주진 says:

Thank you so much. It really helps me.

willem smit says:

Thanks for taking the time to make this. Just what I needed to connect the dots

sum1sw says:

Thanks and good job.
Do you have one or do you know of one tutorial for XY charts?

marquita ross says:

How do you do a draw in chart using code?

Hnn Skm says:

Hi, is it possilbe to produce live data from arduino using visual basic express?

Amir Mhedhebi says:

comment je peux tracer ce graphe a partir de datagrid 

ศุภรัช ฉัตรทัน says:

Thank You

Tanki FibreOptic says:

Very useful tutorials! Thank you!

AlfaGrim says:

Thank You!! Very helpful Mr.

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