Visual Basic .NET Tutorial 44 – How To Use DataGridView (Adding rows)

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Yurii Kruhlii says:

спс брад за основу взял
красав погом мине!
удачи тибе в жызе

553Scor says:

Love your tutorials!

Brock Leonard says:

Great video, thank you!!!

Frankling0078 says:


Switch On says:

How to validate the contents of your datagridview. You don’t want redundant or duplication of the same name and surname. How is that.

Edriane Sherwin Gadingan says:

can you send me how to update datagridview by using this video thank you

ProgrammingKnowledge says:
Ardie Onodera says:

thank you for your tutorial 😀


how to write the vb code if i want to do an accumulation for the column inside the datagridview?

lonewolfreaper21 says:

How to save the inputted records? So when I open it. The records are still there.

Bruna BS says:

ty dude! *O*

꧁ChrisChan꧂ says:

Man how to save your Created Data? cuz if you Close that All of them are never been save , how do i save it?

raghad Swirki says:

i took same at school but i didn’t know how to do so thank you

Gino Bevilacqua says:

Good, could you help me ?, my problem in visual vasic, when I have selected a row of the datagridview and use the scroll, the selected row is lost sight of, is still selected but is lost sight of, what I would like is that when the row If the selected one reaches the high limits of the datagridview, automatically pass to the row below or to the top according to the direction that the scroll takes, so that the selected row is always visible, is it understood? in short words that the sectioned row does not go away from the screen, if it is necessary that when the row goes out of the limits of the size of the grid, the following rows are selected, it would be the same as when we use the arrows on the keyboard and we arrive to the limits of the grid.

SpMeKP says:

You are awesome. Thank you.

Werner Heenop says:

Fantastic! Thank you very much!

Charlie Nicolas says:

it’s a fun way how can u save that dont tell me i now how to but im just ask i need a code dont allwed to add the same record 🙂

mak ss says:


Anne Cass says:

Awesome! We have hands on exam tomorrow about this! Thankyou very much!

Jin Kazama says:

How To Multiply Two Columns and get sum of two row like inventory invoice Using datagridview.

Yudi Moszkowski says:

your a life saver!!

ProgrammingKnowledge says:

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