Visual Basic .NET Tutorial 52 – How to Display Google Maps in VB.NET

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help center says:

Imports System.Text

Dim street As String = TextBox_street.Text
Dim City As String = TextBox_city.Text
Dim state As String = TextBox_state.Text
Dim zip As String = TextBox_zip.Text

Dim queryAddress As New StringBuilder

If TextBox_street.Text <> String.Empty Then
queryAddress.Append(street + “,” & “+”)


สาระดี says:

start debugging show browser not support

Bảo Thịnh Võ Phạm says:

awesome tutorial, very simple but effective.

Juan Carlos Villar says:

Great tutorial!! Works with coordinates too.

TheMiniGeek says:

I don’t think you need to import system.text

james pruett says:

how to put multiple markers on it?

Liam Mizrahi says:

Your accent is the most annoying that I ever heard

Yoshi Askharoun says:

Can’t you just use the API?

Dragan Mihai says:

Thanks for tutorial ! Please in future , show create aplication in VB by ENC chart (S-57) , tip OpenCpn ! Thanks !

Ranjan vipula shantha says:

Greate Man, Do More on it

Nathanael Picos says:

hi, in my vb isnt working fine, the webbrowser show me all the page in google maps, and i only need the map not the all page, ty and i put this “&output=embed” but it throwme an error like “The Google Maps Embed API must be used in an iframe.”

Iheb brikiVEVO says:

can you creat a project searching map with ip

drew enobay says:

hi there, im just asking if possible that the google maps at the 2nd panel will be shown without a internet connection? will display thru intranet or a localhost? and can will be apply by jquery.crsline to shown a animation line going to location that have been search? regards

Bsl Soft says:


ProgrammingKnowledge says:
OzzyR21 says:

retreive OMG

Jorge Eduardo Gallardo Sanchez says:

Muchas gracias por el video hermano :D. Te la rifaste!!!

shivam chauhan says:

Awesome video bhai..!!

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