Visual Basic .NET Tutorial 9 – Text To Speech in VB.NET

VB Text to Speech really Simple
how to make a text-to-speech program using visual basic
text-to-speech application in
Text-To-Speech – VB
Speech To text In Visual Basic
VB – Text to Speech
VB6 Text to Speech


daniel raj says:

instead of typing SAPI i typed simple one word it shows error

Rushika Debadwar says:

Nice vdo but If I changed object name then it’s not working..What is that spvoice?? I have error on that Please tell me..

Lee Ernesto Boles says:

Thanks for putting this up. Straight to the point. Now I’m going to impress people who are programmers

Shane says:

How do you change the voice and languge of the text to speech ?
For example , how do i make the program to say “Bonjour” with a french native speaker’s voice?

ostue says:


Paramveer Panwar says:

infinite thanks for you 🙂

HeyitzScoop says:

gg. it works

Michael Sichico says:

what if I want a text-to-speech in a PDF file inside a vb form, is it possible?

Padmapriya Madhavan says:

Hi sir….i can understand ur videos clearly…but in TEXT TO SPEECH video – why ceateobject, spvoice keywords are used? Pls explain sir

Number Ten says:

3 fricking lines of code… AND THEN YA GOT THIS MATE! 😀

Eric Paroissien says:

Thank you. Please consider it’s convenient when you copy the code in the section below so that we can copy/paste it.

ProgrammingKnowledge says:
ProgrammingKnowledge says:
Bansi Khunt says:

thank you

Waleed Baroudi says:

tl7s rgl noor fo2 t3bk

Switch On says:

Thanks. But what if it is vice versa?

MyName'sCharles says:

FOR ME:Dim SAPI as ObjectSAPI = createobject(“SAPI.spvoice”)SAPI.speak()

Saumitra Topinkatti says:

good one

Jan Vincent Barandino says:

I tried this and it did not speak. Instead it showed a small error showing “A first chance exception of type ‘System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException’ occurred in Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll”

What can i do? Help please. I want to learn.

Aleksa Lazarevic says:

Your battery is always empty. xD

borkusgod says:

Omg… I’m going to have so much fun with this. Like when they go to put their username or password in wrong. “Now ya gone and done fucked up…”

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