Visual Basic .NET Tutorial – How to add google maps in a VB programme Part 1/2 –

In this tutorial you will learn how to add google maps (VB maps) using the google maps framework in a programme / application. Using Microsoft Visual Studio. Download the google maps framework to follow the tutorial.

Google Maps Framework:

For part 2 click this link:

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Created by Ray Tawil.

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wikispeedia says:

is there a part-II ?

Ebimobowei Dino says:

thank you so much 

Michael Jakson says:

Thanks very much , maybe show GPS traking , Visual Basic (OpenCpn) ! Thanks !

gamenew09 says:

@250885JUSUF He Used Windows Forms Application.

CsZackiCs says:

This didn’t work.
I have same problem as that guy ‘dont like him’ 250885JUSUF ..
It opens google maps. But it doesnt really.. WORK!

hello world says:

thx man, really appreciate your effort!

Zack yoww says:

link for google map framework is dead !!!

Cerem Beyazıt says:

MessageBox Short Style:

Msgbox(msg, style, title)

buddyroach says:

your intro is way too long.

buddyroach says:

this doesnt do anything.. at ALL and why did the video end before it was finished? fucking shitty tutorial. WORST EVER

Dariusz Wawszczak says:

Właśnie tego szukałem

JuniorAl says:

Can you give me advice, why the web browser doesn’t catch the information i put on my form to find query. So, i still have to put the address on google search maps instead.
DId you use windows forms application to start the form??? am a bit confused because you don’t show it from the start.

java19xpuu says:

did you find a useful video ? help me please

jordy saselah says:

I am grateful because already helped me in making a form to ask questions in . but , there is little problem ” You seem to be using an unsupported browser.
Old browsers can put your security at risk , are slow and do not work with newer hotel features Google Maps . To access Google Maps , you ‘ll need to update to a modern browser
” … I am using the latest google chrome browser , please its support .. thanks

Renè Alejandro Pàramo Porras says:

Please do not open google maps compatibility issues could help me ….

jpmastermind says:

Aweesooome introoo!!! i luuv it!!! ^^

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