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Welcomes you to a Tutorial on Very Basic lesson on Learning to program in VB6 in this 1st part we learn how to open up Vb6 and start a new project.

Here is the first tutorial of the visual basic programming series! Visual basic tutorials for absolute beginners. Introduces grade 10 students to programming in visual basic. In this video i’ll show you how to create programme with code. Introduces grade 10 students to programming in Visual Basic. Students have already programmed in Turing.

Video I’ll cover GUI Design, Event Handling, Data Types, Exception Handling, Casting, the MessageBox and more with Visual Basic 2015/2017. Visual Basic is great because it makes it very easy to create complex GUI apps that interface easily with databases and much more.Visual Basic .NET programming tutorial I will be teaching you how to create a simple client / server chat program and relay messages across a network using a TCPClient and TCPListener. Video tutorial you will learn about how to make advanced calculator program in visual basic step by step in Urdu language. if you want learn more then subscribe us on youtube and last thanks for watching my video.

List of Tutorials below:
Bank Account (OOP Classes and Objects)
Grade Book (Databases Querying tables) HD
Orders Inventory (Querying tables)
Travel Expenses (Multi Form programs)
Epidemic (Multi Form programs)
Underdog Series (Multi Form programs)
Seating Chart (Multi Form programs)
Inventory Control (Multi Form programs)
Voting Machine (Multi Form programs)
Membership List (Multi Form programs)
Baseball 2 (StreamWriter XML More LINQ)
UPC (StreamWriter XML LINQ)
Telephone Directory
File of Names (StreamWriter XML)
U S Senate (StreamWriter XML More LINQ)
Baseball (StreamWriter XML More LINQ)
Fuel Economy (2-Dimensional Arrays)
Directory (2-Dimensional Arrays)
Game of Life (2-Dimensional Arrays)
Airline Reserve (2-Dimensional Arrays)
Poker (2-Dimensional Arrays)
Soccer League (2-Dimensional Arrays)
Translator (2-Dimensional Arrays)
Bachelor Degrees (2-Dimensional Arrays)
Curve Grades (2-Dimensional Arrays)
ISBN Validator (2-Dimensional Arrays)
Unit Conversion (2-Dimensional Arrays)
Binary Search (Repetition and Loops)
Individual Retirement Account IRA
Palindrome (Repetition and Loops)
Parantheses (Repetition and Loops)
Alpha Order (Repetition and Loops)
Depreciation (Repetition and Loops)
Projectile Motion (Repetition and Loops)
Rule of 72 (Repetition and Loops)
Caffeine Absorb(Repetition and Loops)
Loan Calc (Sub Procedures Modular)
Stick Game (Sub Procedures Modular)
Proverbs (Sub Procedures Modular)
Furniture Order (Sub Procedures Modular)
Restaurant Bill (Sub Procedures Modular)
Grade Average (Sub Procedures Modular)
College Admissions (Decisions)
Restaurant Menu (Decisions)
Quadratic Equation (Decisions)
Car Loan (Decisions)
Unit Price calculation
Car Loan
Length Conversion
Change For a Dollar
Repair Bill
Creating a simple calculator
Nutrition programming (Beginners)
Car Rental Program

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