Visual Basic Tutorial 4 Object Oriented Programming

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In this part of my Visual Basic Tutorial I’ll cover Constants, Enumerations, Structures, Classes, Objects, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation, Overriding Methods, ArrayLists and More.

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CodeFrog says:

Hello Sir,
Do you have any plans to make web API tutorial series! Thank You

BobEckert56 says:

Derek, it’s me Bob, your fan, a retired programmer of 35 years, yes, from punch cards to Android. You are a superb teacher and you have a big heart to pass on your knowledge as I also try to do. You lessons should be included in The Great Courses Series. All my best.

Kirsty Mackay says:

Great tutorial series!

Kartheyan Sivalingam says:

MORE DJANGO!! please

Wayne Johnson says:

Can you do VB on osx?

Hrishikesh H says:

Hey Derek… Nice video… Could you please teach us how to make a profile picture like yours… ie to animate any picture.

janez novak says:

Awesome, please more 🙂 , thank you

Brian Woody says:

Good riddance, Sally Roberts!

KireD says:

Hello. I love you.

Sager says:

Hey Derek, how are you able to study and retain all of the information you know so well?

DarkTutoxt says:

Hey Derek, I am not even interested in VB but I want to thank you for all the tutorials you have done in this channel and the thousands of people you have helped with them. Keep the good work!

Isaac Dadzie says:

I’m new to visual basic and wanted to know how does one go about creating a multi-cell selection grid like the one in this picture.

GaryiYT says:

Great Video! Is there any chance of an Learn Elm in one video tutorial?

Nogueira Plays says:

Derek, you’re an awesome teacher!

Juan2003gtr says:

great video….can you do something on machine learning and/or big data?. Maybe something on the new database way Graphql……Thank you

robicher says:

Five starts again, TXS!
I will definitely go to Patreon now 🙂

Cristian Realuyo says:

Derek, do you have a Laravel tutorial?

Masoud Rousta says:

great tutorial as usual.
Many Thanks

Stefan Fahlberg says:

Just amazing VB tutorials you do, and I’m looking forward to follow your soon to come C# tutorials also 🙂

Angelina Jolie says:

Hi Derek Awesome Tutorials as Always !
Suggestion: After The Electronics and Assembly Tutorials Could you please do a tutorial on how to create device drivers?
Thanks In Advance !

Pridetoons Reviews says:

What about BASIC BASIC? You know the first and oldest one.

Dan Haddock says:

Tutorial beast strikes again!

edilsonrj says:

Hi Derek thank’s very much for all the videos, it has helped me a lot to improve my programming skills.
You are the best!

se kkino says:


marko tikvic says:

And the award for the shittiest syntax goes to… *drumroll*

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