Visual Studio 2012 Tutorial-Beginners

This Tutorial Is About How To make a ProgressBar.
Here Are The Codes:

this tells vb that when the button is clicked, it starts the timer.



Tells VB that when the button is clicked, the timer is stopped.


progressbar1.value = progressbar1.mininum

Pretty self explanatory, tells the timer to stop, and sets the value of the progress bar to 0.


MsgBox(“Hello World”)

When clicked, gives a message box saying “Hello World”


if ProgressBar1.Value = ProgressBar1.maximum then
Button4.enabled = true

This tells the program’s progress bar to make that green thing go up. Remember how we set Enabled = False in the properties? Button4.enabled = True tells it to set it so that it can be interacted with.

Here Is The Download(By Me):
Download Above is The Program ProgressBar so you can see the example.


Grace McGettigan says:

thanks! the enable/disable is helpful for me in the coding as I’m doing this for my 
vb class. We’re doing a submit time/get payment button and I was confused on how to enable and disable.  (Code writing!)

Omar Mostafa says:

Where is the [MOUSE] ?
too fast for me too

Alex Biddle says:

Thanks a lot for this mate, a nice easy program to learn to get you started with Visual Studio 🙂

OlegProgrammer says:

tnx nice video

Banism24 says:

how to make loading?

aafter finished it open other page?

Akshay Waingankar says:

It is too fast and I can’t understand where he click. Keep it simple

Uday Kumar says:

u r excellent……
pls share all the videos related to it….
good luck…..

XDaRkNeSsX says:

Please Guys. If you found this video helpful subscribe :3

Luke Lor says:

hi jean,
it is in the toolbox. search for timer.

fazilou fifou says:

hey bro how to make a round button ??

Azizun Hakim says:

where you get the visual studio??? link download

Mr 3raqi says:

dude it’s a Beginners tutorial , not a program plz dont be a dauchebag Why are you here if you already know these stuff -__- ??@Omar mostafa 


sorry,,,, too fast for me…..

XDaRkNeSsX says:

No problem 🙂

Vojin Zаbаrаc says:

somebody know how to add progressbar for download some file ?

varma tirumalasetty says:

How to declare timer1.i’m getting the error timer1 is n’t declared.

HikikomoriGamer says:

Thank you. Tutorials like these are like pieces of magic in the computing world !

Eduardo Alejos Romero says:

vb ya fue… hazlo el c#

ID10T says:

How do you open the designer?  I cant believe how complicated it is.  I closed the form, and no matter what i do i cant get it back.  I can open everything else, but cant get the  window back to add buttons, labels, etc.  Please help.  This is so frustrating and i know its something simple

I Share says:

Hey, Thanx for showin’ me how to make the progressbar, I have 3 questions:
1) How can I make the progressbar to start automatically when the windows opens?
2) How can I make a button that brings you to the next window when the progressbar is done?
3) How do I export the project I made, how did you do it?
Thanx, for answering me…

XDaRkNeSsX says:


Ludvig Andersson says:

how to make the form smaler?

XDaRkNeSsX says:

It does not matter who wrote it, the thing is when you read it and type it, Your mind it like copying it to System file on your brain XD And then it gets easy to progress :). And thank you for subscribing:)

XDaRkNeSsX says:

um… I don’t understand what are you saying.

jeo torres says:

i have created a form with a few checkbox and a send question is how can i make the send button to send a massage to my email and with the checkbox that they have chosen….please let me know .it will be a great help thanks

abdo tag says:

I love this … but I want to know how to save this project and open it as a program 😀

Jef Vaen says:

use a picturebox with a picture of a round button?

XDaRkNeSsX says:


wurlitzerwilly says:

I was pleased to subscribe. My first program in VB and it WORKED. 🙂
(I know, you wrote it, but I typed it in and learned from it).
Thanks a lot, very useful to teach me where things are located.

Omar Mostafa says:

Why i need this program ?
Load ——— to get a “hello world”

Muahmmad Jazib says:

helo sir help for visual studio and your give me ur Watsup number

Luke Lor says:

hi XDark,
It is really useful.
Thanks alot

Mike Kovacic says:

Awesome! Coming from AutoIt I was happy to see you van just add independent timers to do more than 1 thing at a time instead of having to code it like If @MSEC= blah blah. Love this!

jean gardy jeune says:

where did u define Timer1? i checked many times , did not see where u did tht in the video…

大卫 says:

thank you very much,this is the first VB program I write。

Jef Vaen says:

change the properties of the form?

Eye of the Tiger says:

OMG this shit music why ? 

Harsh Agrawal says:

Hey i wanna knw which coding is req in making windows apps , like the one u were making that – progress bar..?

Sa Rwed says:

i have a nice Code for hitech (progrees) :
if progreesbar.value = 100 then
button4(reset).enabled = true

デルタフォース says:


x Pain says:

ty <3

Sonu Raj says:

Nice i understand it very easily and i had also created my progress bar. thanks a lot…

Kubel 82 says:

to make windows 8 or 8.1 apps you have to go to this link and find visual studio exprees for windows. NOT WINDOWS DESKTOP.
and for windows 7 and under go to the link and find windows desktop. NOT WINDOWS. PLEASE NOTE: to make windows 8 and 8.1 apps you must have a windows 8 or 8.1 computer. and for windows desktop its windows 10 and under to windows vista. this may not work on any mac but i think there’s a app for mac but not microsofts app

chemar Pamisa says:

i have an error running this turorial. .pls help . . this is the error Error 
**  1    Unable to write to output file ‘c:userschemardocumentsvisual studio 2012Projectstry1try1objDebugtry1.exe’: Could not execute CVTRES.EXE.

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