Visual Studio 2017 C# Programming Tutorial Episode One: Working With Basic Forms

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Welcome to episode one in my brand new series covering programming techniques using the newly released Visual Studio 2017 and the C# (CSharp) programming language.

Episode one covers basic programming such as form validation and modifying controls in a standard Winforms application. C# is a brilliant entry point for any beginner programmer and offers great flexibility for creating great Windows, Android and iOS applications and games.

I hope this tutorial helps with your quest to learn programming. If you have any questions please drop a comment below. I will do my best to help. As always please subscribe to my channel for more programming tutorials.

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Michel Jarry says:

BG music + Your Accent = Very hard to understand!

Dawie Van Emmenes says:

Such a good tutorial but the music made me stop watching at around 5 minutes in.
Imagine sitting in a classroom with annoying background music and trying to listen to the teacher.

Kaneki says:

I have problems with *{}* my brackets it says error and it also says ‘expected’

Shaun Alvarez says:

Remove music please

Terbelis Danube says:

Please, do remove the music on te background.

Habib Mohammad says:

absolutely awful with the music

Steve Cristaldi says:

The background music really stinks… want to hear what you are saying NOT music.

Chris Worthington says:

Many thanks – very helpful. But muzak driving me mad!

Amy Beth Anthony says:

Can you please tell me how you get the curly braces to appear on new lines by tabbing? (at least I think you are just tabbing between the curly braces and it is putting them on new lines). Thanks!

roger ferrel says:

If you ever make another video don’t talk so fast and don’t use music. I couldn’t take it after a few minutes.

tahwnikcufos says:

Unwatchable… distracting music, and 720p…

Makesh says:

Remove music, its annoying …

Tam Gaming says:


Sky says:

not sure if download the comunity or the profesional what should i download?

Sans&Flowey says:

I can’t find the forms app

Mykel Larson says:

*sigh* I would watch this video but the music is extremely annoying. Stopped after about 1 minute. HINT TO ALL FUTURE VIDEO TUTORIAL HEROS: Don’t have music in the background.

Richard Armstrong-Wood says:

I couldn’t watch because of the music.

Lawrence Zuch says:

The background music is SO EFIN DISTRACTING!

David Simpson says:

Diabolical music! I stopped watching after a few minutes.

Naoh Watson says:

please remove the music…….

Trance Plant says:

The screen capture is blury as hell. Need some focus pal. Did you bother to look at your video before posting? The music is distracting as well.

Jeen Vries de says:

I like the tutorial. Ferry good. But Yes Please don’t play that music again. It’s ………………

Davor Eberl says:

Great tutorial.
I was able to understand everything and didn’t have any problems with the background music.

Monis Magar says:

background music is distrubing …………..

Ryan Coughlin says:

God I hate that fecking music.

Nathan Hodges says:

Can you import folders and files into Visual Studio? I mean I have the source but when I open the folder containing everything it has other folders in there labeled Admin and such. Also it has a bunch of PHP files in it. I’d be grateful for some help.

Believe says:

I think its a very good tutorial by the way the music side is not good, however, keep on doing great like this?

Jan Pedersen says:

Music destroys the whole purpose of education 😉

Zack Xu says:

Really helpful!!!!! But Better Without Music.

WFD says:

I can’t take the music!! It’s totally distracting! Forget this.

John Veldthuis says:

Why the hell do people put music through everything these days? Kill it

NuklearBomb Gaming says:

this is a professional or community or enterpris visual studio ??????
please send me an answer 😀

GameZoneBG says:

I have VS2017 too but when i press new project i have only something called blank solution why plz help

mountainhobo says:

Why do you sabotage your own video with this pointless background noise?

WhyTeaPea says:

Music is really annoying dude, makes you drift off and not listen to what you say.

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