An Introduction to Visual Basic (Programming on Windows)

A new Computer Clan member, Blue Cyclone Gaming, has started a tutorial series on Visual Basic in Windows. This is the pilot episode. We’ll see how things go!

Visual Basic is a developer environment that is used to create programs for the Windows platform. In this introduction video, users will learn where to download Visual Basic from. They will also learn the basics of the interface, and how to create a very simple program to get started.





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Computer Clan says:

We may get into some of that programming later. I’ll ask the maker of the tutorial. Thanks for the comment.

Michaelman00 says:

What would you recommend then? I am doing Java right now

Andrew Docherty says:

This helped me a lot when using visual basic

Computer Clan says:

Good to hear! And you feedback is noted.

InAndOutLand says:

I still respectfully disagree.

MrGerry111 says:

Thanks RD. Btw, VB is one of the material of my school’s curriculum.

SomeoneElse40 says:

Ive always wanted to give programming a shot this finally gives me some motivation. Also the narrators voice is great for commentating. A little on the quiet side tho

InAndOutLand says:

It’s not programming for idiots. Calling someone an idiot, without knowing the person, makes you the idiot. VB’s good for beginners. Beginner’s aren’t idiots. Plus, why do video tutorials get so much views? They must be helping someone, right?

Marcelo Mendez says:

What happend to 2012? I can’t find it anywhere in the visual studio website

Computer Clan says:

Your feedback is noted. Thank you.

Chris Warrick says:

Replying to a deleted comment:

> VB is real programming, because your typing programming a program.

It is programming for idiots.

> Video programming tutorials are not dumb. They help people. You expect people in this age to read an outdated book? No.
It’s like saying a calculator makes you dumb.more

Video programming tutorials are hard to follow. Books are not THAT outdated, most of the time. And textual internet tutorials still exist and are doing fine.

Chris Warrick says:

VB is not real programming… not that it matters, because video programming tutorials are dumb.

RogueCoder says:

You failed to explain what an IDE, a method, a variable, and a member is. I am disappointed.

Julian Uy says:

microsoft needs to die
open-source needs to rise

RogueBotix says:

Yeah I’d much rather use c++

InAndOutLand says:

I respectfully disagree. .NET should be used while creating native Windows apps. VB is also a great first language.

niek237 says:

Im 12 but i dont remeber al code.

Mark Iannelli says:

You have to be a developer to do this now.

niek237 says:

I remember when i used visual basic studio much when i was 7 year old. Now i forgot all i did 😛

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