Bucky Roberts / thenewboston Update – 200 Brand New Visual Basic Tutorials From onlivegamer!

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SDTricker says:

Do assembly programing tutorials!!!!!!!!!!

hoverman15 says:

I didn’t know youtube allowed their members to clusterfuck them with 200 videos in 2 days.

Leamsi Ordnavi says:


YellowishBlack says:

Thx for everything Bucky!

YoungLionofIsrael says:

How comes you have $4000 computers but u have CRAPPY mouses lol

agentEE7 says:

200. 200… as in two zero zero?… DANG! If that doesn’t cover everything I need to know about programming I don’t know what will! Thanks onlivegamer!

Alinoor Abdi says:

Surely your my great great teacher.. i respect you.. i learn from what i never learn in my school.. if i graduate 70% of my skills comes from you.. thanks you allot.. one day i will mentioned you somewhere…

useagle1987 says:

wow this world still has some good people in it.

Artis4n says:

finish your java series

Ameyaw Ernest says:

you are doing a great job for some of us who are seriously in love with java programming. i am grateful and thank you for the good work done.

my major problem is how to place jbutton,jtextfield and jllabel exactly where i want to place them could you please help out.

DevHQLessons says:

@MrDadcard It pretty much is. The only use is things in which you need a really low development time.

Swetlana0 says:

@Supremekhaoz lol

Vantegan says:

Dear New Boston, you rule! I am obsessed with tuts

New_IndieGame_Developer says:

be funny if the first 10 vids were legit, but the rest was porn xD

johny bravo says:

i subscribed him. 🙂

vishal singh says:

you made 1 better enginners in bangalore

1deividas1 says:

He is cheating on the UDK tutorials. Read the sticky notes on his monitor in 1080p and full screen!

Shlomo Avdiel says:

I am working my way through those very tutorials fro onlivegamer. I think that they are great. However, I am using the VS 2017 community edition and am having some problems. I would like to ask if it is possible for us to get the codes so that it would be easier to troubleshoot the parts that we write that do not work properly. Many thanks to thenewboston and onlivegamer!

Lino Steiner P says:

That must be one hell of a pendrive to fit 200 tutorials

Hafiz Kage says:

if i will be a good programmer one day I will remember you

Naidu's club says:

ty sir.. for languages

Mircea Cociuba says:

The man’s a Saint

The One says:

I WANT UDK!!!!!!

Legandary Saiyan says:

Thank q ONLINEGAMER And Bucky 😀

idestroyswedishfish says:

Auto Subscribed to onlivegamer!

Luke Woodfield says:

How much did you pay for this USB?

Dennis Tei says:

hello Bucky Robert, am a great fun of your tutorials. they are really helping me in the university. am having issue with programming this in visual basic. can you please assist me on the coding.

create a visual basic application which will take a given amount in pesewas ( Ghana currency) and return its Cedi (Ghana cedis) Equivalent.

The result must be in the following format:
230 pesewas to GH₵ 2.30
3459 pesewas to GH₵ 34.59

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