Create a Simple Visual Basic Application in Visual Studio 2015

Visual Basic Tutorial –
Windows Forms Application Basics (Visual Basic)
How to Create a Windows Forms Application
Introduction to VB.NET Windows Forms
Tutorial(VB.Net) Creating Windows Form App Using
Building Windows Applications in VB.NET


VuthavadooVikshay says:

I have a problem. I installed Visual Basic Express and I don’t have Windows Forms Application Basics as a template 🙁
Help me

Abhishek Khamkar says:

thank u …. Can u please Explain how to Create dynamic web site using….?

Qassam Mahmoud says:

is this the last tutorial in the series ??

FluffyFighter667 says:

what language dose this use?

سعيد والحو says:

hi, how to get backup of mysql database in visual Basic..can you add a video plz ?

Ismail Ebrahim says:

Hi. When I double click on Button a different screen is displayed saying public partial class and private void. Any suggestions?

Regan Lagod says:

can you make Visual Basic .Net that can be sent through mobile numbers


Dear Sir,
How to add the trend report which have the data of max one year in Visual Basic

Jerry De La Cruz says:

Simple and to the point. What a breath of fresh air. But you didn’t explain how to turn the program into an actual application, one that can be ran from the Windows Start Menu.

a noo cheeky breeki v damke says:

thanks rajesh

Anonifide says:

Some one help me please 🙁
Visual studio 2015 has stopped working, when creating a project of any sort. 🙁

Happy Testing says:


Luis-Is-Luis says:

Which recording tool do you use?

gurpreet gill says:

hi this is nice one, but i m trying to creat a button which can take me to another application insatlled in my computer. like clicking the button should take me to paint (suppose), any suggestions plz

Salvatores says:

hey man can you help me pls ? i try to create calculator and it works fine but how can i make aplication for windows ? (i can just start aplication in microsof visual studio but a havent got win application do you now how to create it ?

Kai Boy says:

i love your teaching-way

Loekas says:

can i export it as .exe ?

Nyanator says:

ok google

Ariel cerrato says:

Hola tengo una duda como muestro los números del 1 al 20 en un datagridview pero que el usuario ingresa los números de donde empieza y adonde va a terminar
pensé en un FOR pero no se como introducirlos en el datagridview

Dim Primer As Integer
Dim ULTIMO As Integer

For Primer = txtPrimerNumero.Text To ULTIMO = txtUltimoNumero.Text

‘Mostar los datos en el datagridview


Y también que se muestre con un formato así “00000001” y el ultimo numero sea así “000000020”.
En el datagridview se tendría que mostrar así:


Johnny Strong says:

tuul box? xD

Cesar Ramirez says:

Good explanation…..I like it, you have more little by little more in depth..?

Philoix says:

This helped me take a big step into computer programming. The video was short, but it explained everything clearly. Thank you!

Naushad Ansari says:

nicly explained (y) thnku

grandwizard brown says:

if your program is showing errors put a semicolon at the end of your code

iLuv J says:


Jonno Gaming says:

Thx for tutorial. Is the code used (in background of buttons, image box, form, etc) from VB6?

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