Excel 2010 VBA Tutorial 1 – Creating a Macro with Visual Basic For Applications

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How to create and run a basic Macro in all versions of excel.
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BJ Gorman says:

these are great! you’re approach is very hands on and practical. Planning to automate some work stuff this weekend!

Noma Khabo says:

Thank you!

Kamal Kiko says:

please why this lecture without subtitles ?
i really need it helps me soo much 🙂

Kana Natarajan says:

cool tutorial.idiot proof

subnotic says:


Mikael Klintmark says:

Thank you! Makes me interested in learning more. Infinite possibilities.

kapamagicman says:

I just started watching your first video…and so far so good. Another 113 videos more to go!

Anand Kumar says:

Bhai Jab internet download all link with IDM par click kar raha hu to Error show kar raha hai… idm mai


Very very thanks..

Skibble Dazzle says:

OUt of all the complicated videos been watching as a total novice, this is the first one that actually allowed me to create my First Macro. Thank you Matty. Short and Punchy. Gonna procede to subscribe and other videos

Paulo Weber Bianchi Fleissig says:

Muito obrigado.
Thank you.

mateadi Mthimunye says:

Thank you for the tutorials really assisting a lot.

Wilson Santiago says:

Thank you for taking your time and putting out a lot of material that I would have to buy … just wondering have you done this for Word or PowerPoint …

Er. Arun Paudel says:

Very much Thanks for all your tutorials. Can you please mention where are other tutorials after Tutorial no 114??

lauren lawler says:

Hello, I am trying to assign a macro that will save the document across a shared network. I copy and pasted the file path into the macro, but i got a message that said it was too complex. How do i make the document save across a shared network?

Xcel 4Traders says:

question for you, i have a refresh button on my excel sheet that retrieves quotes from a internet data source, sometimes when i click the button the query box pops up, i have .refresh backgroundquery:=false, it still pops up, do i have the code correctly or is there something i can do to hide the query box from popping up and letting others see my vba

Rohini Komarappagari says:

Hi +YourProgrammingNetwork

How are you?

Recently I was surfing on Youtube. I come to know about your Youtube Channel. I have viewed so many of your videos. I become fan of your videos and style of making it and represent your ideas.

I am so curious to know about How did you start this? please tell your story

Who did you inspire to motivate to make this amzing and useful videos.?

Why did you start this channel?

How many hours do you give in a week? do you work full time or work on weekends?

Which kind of opportunities do you start getting after making this videos?

How much money do you get from google adsense?

Is it good idea to make videos for full time?

What do you think if everyone start making their own youtube channel to teach something then what will be the future of education?

How much money did you invested to record and edit this videos?

Do you your own studio?

which tools do you use to record these videos and which software do you use for editing?

What message and tips do you like to inspire others to make educational youtube videos?

Hope for the best reply


AdamL1992 says:

Have a like and subscribe sir! Will be utilising your tutorials. Many thanks

Cynthia Gonzalez says:

I find this very very helpful!!!, I’ve put the whole list in my favorites and will definitely continue through the rest of the videos, thank you so much for this!

Jack Samurai says:

Great tutorials, thank you for your efforts.

Paris C says:

Thanks. I find your videos helpful and appreciate your sense of humour.

shubham aggarwal says:

what is the alternative for alt+f11 and alt+f8???…..because the the fkeys aernt working on my laptop

Kash says:

I have started watching your VBA tutorials couple of days back and i am really enjoying it. Information that you are delivering is up to the mark. Really appreciate your efforts!!
Keep it up man 🙂

sonam dhingra says:

hi, yours videos are way too easy to understand. what i cant understood from school & college teachers all these years, i got understood here. thank u..

Watashi Ikarashi says:

I could not thank you enough for this series mate. I finished it this time last year and it changed my career. I just wanted to come back here and appreciate it.

Santosh Sharma says:

Hi Sir
your videos are awsome.

i need your assistant .I have created a multipage user form. and in that first page is homepage. in homepage i have added command buttons. now i want if i will click on button it should show that page that i want. from multipage.

i have named rad as command button in homepage . and one page name is also rad in multipage userform ,so if i will click on rad command button then it should go to rad page . please tell me how to do that

Rajesh John says:

What is the viewers should know, before taking these tutorials ?

Juan Garallola says:

Thanks bro!! 

Saad Alhowaish says:

Thanks for this Tutorial.
Would you please add VBA as a playlist so we can saved them.
love your vids.
Regards and thanks 4 sharing

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