Excel Macro Tutorial – Learn how macros can really speed up your work in Excel

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This video is an introduction to the basics of Macros and VBA in Excel. When you see the power of macros you will want to learn how to use them yourself!

Think of a macro as a tape recording. It remembers word for word what you “say” to Excel. VBA = Visual Basic for Applications. This is the language used by Excel to record macros.

In the video we cover a simple use-case for the macro recorder: how to change your number formats.

For an interesting example of pretty advanced VBA, check out the article on using Google Maps in Excel with VBA:

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TruthofDilly says:

Very helpful…and unlike some people I understand that you were just giving an example of how to use vba …regardless of whether or not painter would have been better! Thanks mate

Droo F says:

Great video. You gained a subscriber. Your tone was calming and your delivery was solid. Thank you for this.

Alessandro Scalora says:

ur Ts click so much…..way to much saliva bud ahahahah…..sounds like a guided meditation video!!!

Linda Huffaker says:

Fantastic tutorial! I really needed this!  Love the compare to a sports car. Well said!

Hari Prasath says:

Explanation to good,…….easy to understand…..

Michael Stern says:

Why wouldn’t you just paste special formats ?

Serge says:

Your voice is so calming

Muhammad Zahid says:

Good video i subscribe your channel now for more video I am working in excel most of the time so i always learn new excel skills that useful for me to do my ongoing task on routine basis

Elizabeth C says:

Easy to follow, thanks for sharing this video!

Saurabh says:

Thank you for sharing with us. I knew Macros before so wanted to get updated. Beautifully and easily explained.

Anil Kumar Kayastha says:

Thank you so much. I have at least learnt the basic about macro. It opened lot of this for me in excel. It will certainly help me a lot. MACRO word was like not my piece of cake for many years but I can learn more and more. Its interesting.

Ayuva Yoga says:

his vioce makes me sleepy

Nouer Uz-Zaman says:

what an introduction ….best introduction i have seen for any excel video

Tang Bernard says:

The proper way to drive a Ferrari is driving at 1st gear with the the speed of 30, stop by a hot chick, beeb her and open your door.

Just kidding, than for your demonstration.

Gökçem Usul says:

sorry but you wasted my precious time…

foxtrot789 says:

highlight all, “Ctrl+1”, click the correct format, done for all cells. Who on earth would run a macro for this?

Patel Vidhu says:

I like your excel macro tutorial. Thanks.

Tony Canigo says:

Man I feel like such a geek but that video got me all pumped up to start learning Macros! For the first time in many years of watching funny birds and pigeons and all kind of sports on youtube I´ll actually subscribe to someone´s channel

3lham says:

For this task we can use F4 to repeat the action.

Pierre Alexandre Papillon says:

Even better if you want to do all sheets at once: Shift click on each tab and use format painter on the firts tab. No macro needed for this.

Svetlana Dzhurova Mitova says:

How to delete rows if I want to sort by more then one colon and delete rows that match more then 2 or 3 of my filters. Exp. I have sheet that in column J, I have text DS, CD, SS, WB and in column D, I have Blanks or different texts. I would like to delete all the rows that had CD in column J and match only the blanks from from column D. (I would not like to delete rows that had for example text WB in column J and blanks in column D)

Andrea Bennett says:

the greatest thing is that I understand what you are saying so thank you its important to understand your teacher or you won’t learn anything . thank you.

Pelaporan SLIK says:

Haduh orang bule yg jawab, gue kaga ngerti

Yusuf Hadi says:

You’ve earned a sub ma bro! Thanks!

jose karlos pablo says:

You can just select all the cells with number and format them all at once

840083008200 says:

Thank you Sir this helped me greatly, On my Bucket list is (learn how to use Excel and Macros) I am exactly like your friend do it the slow way. I said to the guys at work the other day does anyone know how to use Macros in Excel surely we can work out a better way to sort number to import into another program R94510, just need to get the number from column B into column A beside R94510,2 as this is how we can import it into the number and quantity.

Joseph Sciberras says:

Hi I have an exell file i use for Food cost
when I press button to create a recipe is giving me an error
can you help pls, thanks

Sub Add_Dessert()

Dim rng As Range, cell As Range, WN As Variant



Set rng = Range(“F111:F130”)

For Each cell In rng

If cell.Value = 0 Then
cell.Offset(0, -3).Select
WN = ActiveCell.Value
IM GETTING AN ERROR HERE*****************

Exit For

ElseIf Selection.Value <> 0 Then

ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
End If

Next cell

End Sub

Sammy P says:

Best explanation and introduce to Macro.

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