How to make a maze game in Visual Basic

an even simpler guide than microsoft’s to make the maze game in Visual basic, inbox any suggestions you would like me do do for VB.


GalacticXDab says:

Can you please turn down the music next time? Its way too loud


Not phat enough

Ellen Apares says:

Is this working on VB.Net 2010?

Serkan güncan says:

Thank you.

Nmr Gieta says:

error ‘Offeset’ is not a member of ‘System.Drawing.Point’.
Private Sub MoveToStart()
Dim StartingPoint = Panel1.Location()
StartingPoint.Offeset(10, 10)
Cursor.Position = PointToScreen(StartingPoint)

End Sub
Can you help me?
visual studios 2013

Eclipserr says:

MsgBox(“Congrats!”, MsgBoxStyle.DefaultButton1, “Maze Game”)

Sulav Pokharel says:

i subscribed

Tommaso Goni says:


Sam Trip says:

ooooh instead of having a label at the finish spot, you should put a button which closes the form. then disable the x at the top right hand corner. then get ready for the rage…

Isaiah Caleb Revilla says:

So that’s how those net puzzles were made

BIS says:

hi can you zoom out the video or can you share with us the steps and the codes tnx.

Franklin Assis says:



Going check mother
go fuck

Eclipserr says:


Uzzie mulavhe says:

To all windows users
Thank me later .,.,,,,…

Minecraft Kafası says:

helal 😀 THANK YOU

jwad yassin says:

give me the link of the program pls

Perimoos says:

A “MAZE” ing

Metal Chaos says:


Самаил Гулиев says:

guys,i did everything right and game can be played.But i was not able to open it after closing.How to decide this problem?

Mitesh Yadav says:

can u plz send me the code of it plz
at my mail a/c

سلوو سلاول says:

Code ??

Diego Salas says:

How can i do this on visual C++?

Computer tutoirals says:

best channel

TheScitz says:

Nice vid 🙂 I also made a game in vb with mouse gameplay, come check it out if u like.

Eric Vadnais says:

wow such old. many age.

Ar-ar says:

lolx, but nice and unique.

Sam Jain says:

it’s really isn’t


thanks u n u

someirishskater says:

Awesome man, thank you 🙂

PRAKHAR bhatnagar says:

woww tht was awesome… plz plz tell the code seperatels.. i m begging u

Matt Dowler says:

found a problem with the mouse. if you right click and hold when the form is up, you can go through walls and not go back to start.

Hammi says:

This is Amazeing

MGArt DZN says:

The only bad thing about it is that u can simply go around the form ;-

Imaculata Trisukma says:

trimaksih banyak 🙂 sangat membantu 🙂

Mostarso says:

Bro when did he put a message box in the form

Sulav Pokharel says:

how to make a game on vb 2010 that look like super mario games…. plz help me

Programmer Sheep says:

WHY VISUAL FORMS AND BASIC? I would just use Unity and C#…

sou ma says:

Thank you so much

Daddo al-balushi says:

thank you aloooooooooooot

CosmicCheetah says:

Lol, that’s like a new version of Flappy Bird.

Samuel Rocha García says:

Would have been funny if you added a screamer in the middle of solving the maze x)

patricio pizarrro carrillo says:

sooooo slow

SAMY says:

muy bueno, t felicito, enverdad me sirvio, sigue asi..heheh att: español hehe…

ziptie entity says:

Get a Fucking mic cunr

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