Introduction to Visual Basic

JackkTutorials demonstrates an introduction to Visual Basic

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Rémi Lombard says:

Hey, you definitly desrve more subscribers !!! At least, you earned mine 😉
Thx, learned a lot actually ‘)


that background music is distracting, please MUTE it.

MRBLOBBY127 says:

For anyone that want to make their answer more presise (like 0.188) simply change the data type “integer” to “Single”

OSP PRO says:

Hey sir , thank you .. you video is really cool .thank you

Orbit says:

What’s that background music’s name

[0TeamZ]Shiro GameZ says:

Co cc was banned due to too many website spams

KenKira Ace says:

Hi Jack,
I wanna ask something about which one is better , VB Express or VB Ultimate ? Im using VB Express but at start up when I click new project, seems like Ultimate version has more options than Express version ? As example, I can’t change the NET framework version for a new project

Cesar Ramirez says:

Get rid of the music my friend……..

GermanSnipe14 says:

Jackk, how do you change the icon in the top left of the program from those squares to your own logo? Thanks

Ryan Watson says:

Haha, magic number 69. sly 😉

Arnold Negger says:

Great video!

+1 Sub, Gj! 🙂

Steve Burrus says:

Say as I t ype this it’s almost the year of 2017 so I was just wondering if it’s still possible to get the Visual Basic 2010 Express? I don’t tnink that 2010 is still being offered.

Gheotic says:

Why dont i get the option windows forms application?

JokesDesigns says:

You deserve like 9999999999999999999999999999999999999 subs

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