Let’s Learn C++ ~ Basics: 1 of 14 ~ Visual Studio Setup + My First Program

Learn the basics of programming in C++ (Cpp) in this series of tutorials! This first lesson focuses on installation of Visual Studio Community Edition and building your first program. This lesson follows the C++ Core Guidelines.


➤ Debug + Regular Challenges:

➤ Download Visual Studio:


♦ LLC++ #1 ~ Visual Studio Setup + My First Program:

♦ LLC++ #2 ~ Variables & Data Types:

♦ LLC++ #3 ~ Operators & Input:

♦ LLC++ #4 ~ Arrays, Chars & Strings:

♦ LLC++ #5 ~ References & Pointers:

♦ LLC++ #6 ~ If, Else, Switch & Conditional Operator:

♦ LLC++ #7 ~ For, While, Do, Nested Loops:

♦ LLC++ Solutions #1-7:

♦ LLC++ #8 ~ Additional Libraries ~ Boost + GSL:

♦ LLC++ #9 ~ Functions p1 ~ Input, Output, Body:

♦ LLC++ #10 ~ Functions p2: Headers, Macros & Namespace:

♦ LLC++ #11 ~ Functions p3: Const, Pre/Post Conditions

♦ LLC++ #12 ~ Debugging

♦ LLC++ #13 ~ Enum, Struct, Ascii

♦ LLC++ #14 ~ Classes p1

♦ LLC++ ~ Solutions #8-14


➤ Let’s Learn C++: BASICS

➤ Let’s Learn Python: BASICS

➤ Let’s Learn Python: OOP

➤ Let’s Learn Python: Scripting


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R̴a̴B̴i̴T̷e̷C̴ says:

I haven’t learned Python, but I have basic knowledge in C.
Is that sufficient for attending learning C++?

Anonymous User says:

Hey I know how to code in turbo c++ including oop. Do I need to study every single things again?

MartinPotato says:

i’m 13 and i find this really easy to learn, thanks!

K4LI_L1NUX _PR0 says:

this is what i get to but i fixed my errors. that was my bad. im super tired man. >>> 1>—— Build started: Project: 01_MyFirstProgram, Configuration: Debug Win32 ——
1> main.cpp
1>c:usersmynamedocumentsvisual studio 2015projects1_myfirstprogram1_myfirstprogrammain.cpp(5): error C2563: mismatch in formal parameter list
1>c:usersmynamedocumentsvisual studio 2015projects1_myfirstprogram1_myfirstprogrammain.cpp(5): error C2143: syntax error: missing ‘;’ before ‘return’
========== Build: 0 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped ==========

HyperionRobit says:

Can I code a game in C++ and use Unreal Engine 4?

Rachael Carignan says:

Thank you sooo much !!! You are the first one to explain this well!!! I have gone through three tutors and this was sooo easy and I understood everything you said!!! Thank you sooooooo much !!!!! Life saver!!!!

Anton Mitov says:

And what happens when u have the Error LNK1561: entry point must be defined ?!

Maiev Maiev says:

thank u

AltCapRight says:

“makesure you copy me exactly”
right… except it didn’t run, I needed to replace iostream with iostream.h
can’t believe I’m back at beginners because codeblocks fucked itself up and I’m still full of bugs

K4LI_L1NUX _PR0 says:

oh my God ive been waiting for at 2 hours for this shit(C++)to install on visual studio.

K4LI_L1NUX _PR0 says:

so like where your visual studio says debug and x86 mine is blank and where yours says Local Windows Debugger mine just says Attach…and where yours says 01_MyFirstProgram mine says Miscellaneous Files and where you have all those options to pick from underneith Solution ’01_MyFirstProgram’ and 01_MyFirstProgram….yeah well guess what….i dont. of course not. DISLIKE! and yes i have the same version of visual studio as you. the 2015 version. this shit is so outdated. its fucking 2018.

Avana says:

I know how to make a Hello World program in C# so I should be ready for this, right? Right?

On a serious note though, looking forward to seeing the rest of the videos, just finished this one and I’d say it’s a strong start for a newb like me. Whilst I do know plenty of C#, Java, Python and some limited amount of HTML and similar languages, I wouldn’t consider myself any good by any standards. And hey, C++ seems fun to learn to here we go 😀

Anna Karmina D. Caballes says:

Is this being used in the pharma industry?

Isabel Alleje says:

mine cant find or open pdb file. why is that

thaheer mohamed says:

can u please give the download link of vs community 2015??

George Stav says:

What if I type
using namespace std;
int main()
cout << "Hello world" <

Charlie.H says:

I am trying to make decision with which compiler and IDE I should work. Eclipse feels weird since you have to install Java development kit in order to make eclipse work. So it’s like you have to install Java to allow you make C++ stuffs??? I am really confused. So I am thinking about Visual Studio.

Mister Man says:

Do you really think Brits pay with hashtags?

Name Here says:

Geez…I feel like a need a “for dummies” version of this. I know it’s probably being explained a lot better than in other places but I am still struggling to understand the code. For example, I dont know what the “main” function is even for. I looked it up elsewhere and I just vaguely understood that its what you write at the beginning of a program when using an operating system (does one ever not use an operating system?). And what is the point of declaring an integer and writing one at the end (the return 0;) if it doesn’t appear with the text in the command box after debugging? Why not just do something to have the text (Ham Sandwich!) itself be the output? I guess there are a few fundamental things that I don’t understand yet.

Heda says:

you did it very good.
“i love u Hamburger !”

drewski west says:

yeah i do not believe this video will work with 2017 as there is no dark grey to add a red circle break…

K4LI_L1NUX _PR0 says:

and i finally solved my last problem i got the debug option and the x86 option too. but when i click local windows debugger and try to build it i get errors


hey can i have 2 lines of code like my code just say all the sentences in a line

Luke Vigus says:

is there are reason why you keep referring to the # as pound sign when pound sign is £ ??

Peter Lamont says:

Hmm… my visual studio is different. Instead of cout, it is a more classic printf.
However,it is still CPP Weird huh? Maybe it is the library I am using. I’ll try IOstream.
My compiler does appear to be looking for a specific file though, with extension.

max kraft says:

i installed visual studio, but I can only choose new file (not new project) and if I do so, there is no pop up window asking me for a language… anyone knows what to do?

Mduduzi Dube says:

char main(){
std::cout << "Enter Imagination"; return 1; } I know this is wrong but I ran the program like this anyway and it assumed char as being int. why is that ? I know its 'a' but it worked with 1 why ?

K4LI_L1NUX _PR0 says:

this is what its really supposed to look like. the last time i typed out the code the accidentally added an n and i forgot to add the semicolon. see. >> //This is my first C++ Program!!!
int main() {
std::cout << "Ham Sandwich!n"; return 0; }

vandan agrawal says:

can you please tell me why did you not use the return type void and used int and returned zero which is not helpful right now?

Anže Goršek says:

Are spaces necessarily?

James Knight says:

Thank you for this series of videos, I’m in my first year of engineering and the lectures are terrible so I’m using YouTube to learn everything

Kimberly Fawn says:

Your video has been helpful, thank you. However, it would be even more helpful if you could leave out the comments comparing what you are doing to Python. I’m only trying to gain C++ knowledge. For my Python class, I will go watch any Python videos you did.

Baxter McCoy says:

Dude you explain everything so well and make it so easy to understand. Thank you

Smirnoff 2000 says:

Finally found something easy about c++ Thanks man.

Amber Blyledge says:

WHY CAN’T I MAKE SIMPLE CODE?! I did this in the past, even making a onesided RP consisting of 13 lines. Small, but so cool. I CAN’T EVEN MAKE MAH COMPOOTER SAY HAM SAMMICH! Do you have any idea what I’ve had to go through JUST TO GET MICROSOFT VISUAL STUDIO TO WORK? I had to REGEDIT.

i33SoDA says:

Well, first it game my the Windows 8.1 SDK error and now I am getting this when I try to run my lines ” fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘corecrt.h’: No such file or directory”
my code is this:


using namespace std;

int main() {
int x{ 0 };
cout << 0; return 0; }

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