Let’s Learn: Visual Basic #1 Introduction

So as many of you already know, I’m taking a break from MCreator. I can’t handle the crashes and corruptions from it any more.. instead I’ve moved on to something I think you will quite like.

Visual Basic is one of the most simple programming language to date. I hope you learn something and by the end will be able to create your own advanced applications!


About Me: I am a gaming/how to YouTuber. I upload usually once or twice a week. I’m trying to become more steady and more professional as time passes. If you have any suggestions for me email me!
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Global EDM says:

relax you seem nervous

Lakindu Perera says:

hey where did you learn vb

Jake Crown says:

learn how to fucking speak

roguegamer says:

Yes!!! You’re back. I’m so happy :33

max campbell says:

i cant find form1.vb

WAfflepants22 gamer says:

Mcreater series plz

IssaNick says:

I don’t understand this at all

ADO ROGO says:


Blitzz says:


Tyler Hoekstra says:

Dude I wish I could play video games with u

End of Elements says:

You should take Mr.Julio’s place.

Edward Gil says:


mikasu says:

Greetings. That was really helpful.

Sir Drake says:

Can you give examples of what you can do with this?

Marcus Steinde says:

Nice video, finally some coding. I’t would be cool if you could do a python tutorial

ItsTslee says:

What happened to Mcreator ??

Ananth S7 says:

i had filter out your blah blah’s from what i really need…hate it

Veil says:

You remind me of Travis for diamond city radio in fallout 4

Aubrey says:

Thank you for the detailed video! It was very helpful. The only thing is, please, would you mind turning off the music in the background. It’s distracting and hard to concentrate when trying to listen to you over the music. I had to finally just stop the video because the music was so annoying. I really just wanted to hear you. Thank you.

nano Company says:

Mind if I can have the source for the Sapphire IDE if it is open?

xH4di_XD Zioona says:

I like the video do the #2 for visual studio it is great program

Jamezoar says:

killer unicorns? hello ponies? ok…

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