Using Excel Macros and VBA – Complete – Excel VBA 2010 2013 2007 2016 Tutorial Macros & Visual Basic

Using Excel Macros and VBA – Complete – Excel VBA 2010 2013 2007 2016 Tutorial Macros & Visual Basic
Topic Video Location (hours.minutes.seconds)
Trusting Locations 0:00:42
Recording A Macro 0:04:01
Modifying a Macro 0:11:55
Deleting a Macro 0:13:24
An Intro to VBA 0:13:59
Adding Comments to your VBA Code 0:15:35
VBA Dim Statement 0:16:24
VBA Msgbox Statement 0:17:34
VBA If Statement 0:19:44
VBA Else Statement 0:20:34
VBA End If Statement 0:21:51
Formatting VBA code 0:22:49
Running the Macro 0:23:52
Saving a workbook with a macro 0:28:12
Using the Personal Macro Wookbook 0:29:44
Editting a macro in the personal workbook 0:32:15
Unhiding the personal workbook 0:32:53
Hiding the personal workbook 0:34:03
Running a macro from the personal workbook 0:35:22
Copying a macro from one workbook to another 0:42:21
Adding a button that runs a macro 0:44:28
Activating the Developer menu 0:44:41
Adding the command button 0:45:47
Modifying the button 0:46:44
Using the command button 0:47:36
Running a macro from the Quick Access Toolbar 0:49:37
Changing the Icon on the Quick Access Toolbar 0:51:05
Using the icon on the Quick Access Toolbar 0:51:37
Using Combo Boxes 0:52:50
Multiple Combo Boxes 0:53:26
Adding the combo box to your workbook 0:55:14
Adding code to the combo box 0:57:17
Turning on the Developer Toolbar 1:00:13
Creating a macro by typing it in 1:01
VBA Dim Statement 1:02:08
VBA inputbox Statement 1:02:46
VBA For Next Loop 1:04:28
VBA If Statement 1:05:17
VBA assignment Statement 1:05:33
VBA Else Statement 1:05:49
Formatting VBA code 1:06:23
VBA Next Statement 1:06:59
VBA Assigning a value to a cell in the spreadsheet 1:07:24
Adding Comments to your VBA Code 1:08:14
Assigning a macro to a command button 1:09:41
Discovering the code for existing buttons 1:15:33
Active X Command button 1:16:36
Assigning a macro to a picture or a shape 1:17:34
Saving a workbook with a macro 1:19:33

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Maria Vasquez says:

this video has sound problems

Android Kenobi says:

very helpful. I must say, that’s a Great Description, specifically the Table Of Contents you wrote there. But the constant interruptions were really annoying when watching straight through.
If you’re going to write code, you should have thought about error checking. What if I wanted instead of 5^5th power, to do 5^0? your computer would crash/lock up! What happens if there’s a typo and somebody tries 5 ^ w ? What about 5^ 1.5? Will it actually do it or throw an error?

Can one halt computation of runaway macros due to bad code?

I was very miffed you never caught your mistake on the very first runfilter example. That macro never filters for lunch/dinner/hotel etc. You cut your range at (E) instead of (F).
How is the filter supposed to work? Show All Austria rows and All dinner rows? Or just show Austria rows that are ALSO dinner? Not exactly a macro question, I know, but I want to know what the desired result was supposed to produce.

Aditi Shah says:

Sir, where can I find the Excel Sheet for Practice ?

Dayan G A L U K says:

Thank you sir…

Don Machen says:

Excellent material. thank you for your kind help.
Question: how would i write a macro to go to Think or Swim or another platform that I subscribe to automate retrieving data to populate into my Excel sheet?
Thank you.

ajay tawrani says:

Hey …. Do I need to go for any classroom training after watching the cideo

Pamela Adkins-Smith says:

Very informative video. Thank you so much! It would’ve been nice to have a downloadable file to follow along but outside of that this was excellent. Thanks again. Any suggested videos that go a little deeper into creating combo boxes and coding macros?

Arun Jayakumar says:

This was an exceptionally well-made macro tutorial. Thank you for sharing!

Jordon Crichton says:

It looks comprehensive however in order to truly follow along we need a copy of these files for hands-on learners so we can follow along. I have to be trying to recreate a similar file structure please consider this feedback. ! Thank you !

Suman Mukherjee says:

Hello Sir, thank you for the video it is really helpful. I would like to learn more about macro as I face lots of difficulties while making office reports. Would be great if you can please give your valuable advice.

andualem teshom says:

Thank you very much. It is a great eye opener for me.

klarawijs says:

awesome video, very helpful, the titles inside the video were very helpful too, it keeps you updated on what is happening. thank you! 🙂

Ajeesh Pisharody says:

Hi Tom,
After i run the filter the data in the first sheet is permanently filtered. How do i change criteria when the filter is applied permanently to the sheet1

Sicha Jantanapan says:

Very Goods in details as steps by steps in VB…Thank you very much, Sincerely.

jgon2872 says:

Thank you so much for this Video. I learned a lot! More power to you Tom! 🙂

Sushobhit Bharat says:

Thank you so much sir

Freedom Talk Media says:

Last week, I discovered that you can use shapes to assign macros. Right away, I abandoned my macro button, I was making and used a shape instead. With a shape, you can make the button have a bit of a 3-D appearance, using the shape formatting. I also made my button bright red, with white text. I’ve used shapes, in the past to make images to use on websites at buttons because they make pretty 3-D buttons.

VT Thiang says:

The voice is very clear and easy to understand.

Deep Gill says:

it’s really useful…. thank you so much for training us through YouTube….

thanks once again
kind regards

Zikomo Msefula says:

very helpful …

Ahadi Luhanga says:

You Sir, are a life saver!!!!!!! thank you very much!

Juan Ferdinand Blardony says:

Your tutorial is very impressive. Definitely it tells to your credentials in the introduction of your video.

Well, I want to ask a question, is there any possible way to automate ‘captcha’ in macros or VBA? I know you’re the right person to ask this question.

Jim Greenlee says:

Can you have cell with a number in it and with VBA merge the cells?  Example:  Let’s say that I have 2 and 5 in A:1 and A:2.  I want to write a program that will take the 2 and merge 2 cells and the 5 would merge 5 cells and then have the ability to stack the 5 cells on top of the 2 cells. Thanks,

Prajnya Shetty says:

Thank you Mr.Tom that was a very useful tutorial.

simon mcdonald says:

..yes.. that is an decent tutorial indeed Mr Fraggle…

lum L. says:

where can we download his excel documents for practices?

alfonso hernandez says:

thanks for taking the time to do this amazing video!


Your vids are always lit, I just subbed and told some friends about it. My goal right now is 1000 subs, any help is appreciated as well. Looking forward to your next vid!

Natasha K says:

Hi Tom, this was super helpful. One of the most helpful videos I’ve watched on VBA. I was utterly confused by what DIM statements are but you helped to peel the onion for me. Thank you for putting time into making these videos.

Adhikary ponkaj says:

Very helpful, but might be wise to invest into a pop filter for your mic.

Md says:

ctrl+r will copy left cell to right cell

sujit chaudhary says:

Please sir

Sarika Tike says:

nice clip, really helpful,………thanks

Garry Shilson-Josling says:

Beautifully explained, thank you. One minor point though – the criteria field in the advanced filter macro only goes to column E, not column F, hence the result don’t filter out any expense types, in case anyone is wondering why that seems odd.
Also note, the exponent when a number is multiplied by itself once is 2 (ie 10 squared is 10 multiplied by itself once, exponent is 2, multiplied by itself twice the exponent is 3), so the macro is not exactly right.

Jeffrey Hawkins says:

I learned a great deal!

Can-Indian Channel says:

Tom you are probably one of the best instructors on youtube. Thank you from a long time student of yours!

Apoorva Verma says:

Sir, can you share the excel sheet as well ?

Maz Dela Cerna says:

Your personality shows through this! Love love love!!!

Yeung ricky says:

thanks a lot, its really really helpful

sujit chaudhary says:

Automatically invoice making

Richard Castillo says:

Hi Tom, amazing video. I learned a lot. Thank you.

Siddharth S says:

Really fantastic, very useful

mahesh waran says:

If i have a doubt in this video ,whom i want to contact???….can anyone please suggest

Ajay Kumar says:

Nice stuff Tom… I also run Excel Vba Access channel and taking good points from your video.

Annie says:

In regards to the Combo Boxes, I tried to repeat exactly what it has been done in this video and it is not doing the same thing. Once I have amended the code with the copies sequence, it worked perfectly.

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