Visual Basic Express 2010 Tutorial 32 EZInvaders Part 1 Simple Video Game Programming
This tutorial is the overview and shows the form setup of the EZInvaders game that will be programmed in its entirety. PictureBoxes will be used to make the game. PicureBoxes are not considered to be the best way of making a game, however PictureBoxes are one of the more simple ways of showing game logic without needing DirectX, OpenGL, or graphics acceleration. Using PictureBoxes is prefect for beginning game programming. All code, images, and sound files can be downloaded for free at:


Jack Pytko says:

Photoshop is better than gimp any way you can just pirate Photoshop if you want

Victor Pahana says:

Nice… (sub) (likes video)

kallejjk says:

@buck0320 omg check the next tutorial =_=

Ishmael Wovenu says:

i have created a similar form of this game in college but i need the code to make the levels, i will be happy if you help me with that 🙂

noahetnies says:

Imma use photoshop

LGxCP says:

3 minute tutorials, nice. better milk the series and get that ad revenue.

UberCuba says:

I would recommend using GDI which is a lot easier to use and more efficient, so you would do
Dim g as graphics = me.creategraphics()

Something like that and is a lot easier and way more efficient

drake francis says:

I used your Program as my project I will upload it in youtube but i can assure you that you will receive credit i modified and add some features to the program i hope that you will like it. 🙂

Will King says:

i personally like paint.NET alot more.

SchoolFreeware says:

@dmlbino619 GIMP was used. See Tutorial 33.

Marvin Rodriguez says:

Do you use paint in windows for the Invaders and the Shooter?

CreativeName says:

please make a snake or pacman tutorial 🙂

Ryder says:

Nice Game 🙂 THX for everthing dude…

hackster2011 says:

Hiya Guys,

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Ademptis says:


Lucky82610 says:

How do you change the icon of that if its not a shortcut plz answer

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