Visual Basic How To: TCP



Grandus11 says:

since this is a socket server does this allow more than one client at at time ??

Reece Duh says:

Thanks for this alot of posts on this topic show you how to send and receive in to separate projects and well you’ve showed how easy it is to send a receive!

Josh Upton says:

Thanks for the video!

Stevoid says:

is the server ip the client connects to basically my ip address? if not what is the ip for it?

eltoncomputer says:

So, how to open multiple connection?.

Johnny Tiger says:

Finding a GOOD tutorial online on Visual Basic 8+ TCP is near impossible.

I’ve spent 5 hours trying to find one.

Where did you learn all that stuff?

Cursed sm says:

Not found =(

Tim Robinson says:

This is an awesome tutorial for coding to send and receive data via TCP. I’ve been trying for so long to figure this out.

Костя Рябои says:

You told how send meseges but how send images?

Snopwell vb2012 says:

Sa Marche pas avec un Ip hors Router

smashdesystem says:

Thank you so much for this, I was looking for a simple, but efficient method of communication between two computers, and this is perfect Thanks!

Flylikechris says:

After I wrote this, I noticed your step 7 icon. The microcontroller in my case is a Siemens ET200Pro PLC.


Eddie S says:

Is there any way to do this without port forwarding?

Tom Veik says:

This looks like exactly what I need, and it worked the first couple times I tried it. But now it refuses to work. Always times out on the client side when trying to establish a connection. I know my IP address is correct. It looks like it’s enabled in the firewall.

Mark II says:

I’ve taught myself VB.Net. I understand the code you wrote and it’s very easy to understand & viewable, Thank You. I’d like to get into stepper motors and stuff, and serial port communication. This Tutorial has brought me one step further in knowing how to program just a little more in Thank You.

alexandre nollet says:

And if u want to use the external ip or dns what do i do ?

Adil Mazher says:

Why can,t you tell us clearly that when we click connect button the programs server side one or client side get frozen until someone connect from another side ?

robomatics says:

Thanks man! Awesome comments like yours motivate me to keep making more! I also have an interest in stepper motors, I’ll add that to my list of things to make videos about.

Prajkta Chavan says:

can we do this on lan

Adrian B says:

very helpfull video. i was able to modify this to control my tv (off/on/input/ect). now i just need to figure out how to use this to control the rest of my home stereo.

Akv vr. says:

Does it is possible to create messenger by using this server

eltoncomputer says:

Is it possible to have more than 2 people connect together ? I want to make a group chat program.

FabioH4k says:

Persistent refusal of the target computer, how fix?

Nguyễn Cao Nhân says:

I’m brand new to VB. I used your code and I got this error: NullReferenceException was unhandled on the line: TCPServer.Send(sendbytes). How to fix it?

avengernipper says:

Awesome explanation. Very clear and concise. Thanks for Posting

robomatics says:

Yes. Yes it will. The blocking command is actually meant to do just that, pause your program while it waits for the packet to arrive. The method of turning off the blocking and using a repeated attempt with a try statement keeps the program active. msdn(dot)microsoft(dot)com/en-us/library/

Y0GA says:

You are the best.

Suraj Mundalik says:

Unable to see data sent by the server…plz tell me why it’s urgent….

Nandblow says:

0 diskile…thats explain my minds.

Joseph Glenn says:

do you have discord?

Flylikechris says:

Thank you!! I am trying to send test data to a microcontroller.
Jumping into VB for the first time.

robomatics says:

absolutely, that is how I did it.

f 123 says:

Will this work for outside tcp connections?

VideoIfyMyLife says:

Do you have to use bytes as what you send? Can’t you just send a string?

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