Visual Basic .NET Tutorial 3 – Using If then Else Statements in Visual Basic

Visual Basic If Statement
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Visual Basic .NET Tutorials
Problems with If and Else Statements in Visual Basic
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Visual Basic .NET for Beginners
Beginner Visual Basic – If then Else statement


Extreme MLG Bass Boosts says:

May i ask, Is there a way to an array of text, and seperate them by , I need to get 2.5,5,66, into 2.5 5 66

Ramagya Masih says:

thank you so much sir for help…now I know how to Begin the code.

Hai Chhork says:

thank you teacher

Jefferson Phakoh says:

you are very clear I hear every good there man keep it up

Muhammad Aqib says:

why label is necessary to show message

Ajay Kumar says:

nice tutorial. i teach excel vba via my channel and it is pleasing to see that visual basic is so similar to excel vba. great thing..

Programmer Reyiz says:

If Not

BHAKTI marg says:


Ahmed Alawfy says:

you are the best

asjath ahamed says:

there is more easy way available… and also you don’t need to put again and again, easily can get output according to user input …plz make as easy way to user… u can pass one array for an example

int a;


Raghavendran R says:

Thank you mate

Sivannarayana B says:

there is no ELSE condition in this example
but you are mentioned here that the program to explain ELSE condition??

Cody Dudley says:

Wonderful and decisive tutorials. Thank you kindly.

Zachariah Hazel says:

Appreciate the help all the way from New Zealand .

Ghunghroo Khare says:

whats the meaning of writing double IF
” if….
IF …..” ?
plz explain.

techn ology says:

Thank you so so so much For These tutorials ! you are So helpfull 😀

Lowprojects says:

Thank you come again 🙂

Feroness Gamer says:

Congratulations!! Thank You My Friend!

Jefferson Phakoh says:

from South Africa

ProgrammingKnowledge says:
Kneipp Michael Pinca says:

what steps can really helpful for making a program sir? and tnx sir for this video its reallymean to me and for some other beginners

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