Visual Basic .NET Tutorial 7 – How to use a Listbox in VB.NET

ListBox Control for Visual Basic 6.0 Users
VB.Net ListBox Control
Amazing things you can do with the Listbox control
Tutorial – ListBox
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Amodh Naik says:

how can i add listbox values to the database?
i have 5 buttons sending 5 different texts in the listbox (while clicked)
i then want to send those 5 texts from listbox to a SQL table column.
please let me know if this is possible.

keren&sarah k says:

Thanks for the videos, they’ve been really clear and helpful.

علي الزيدي says:

thanks for this helps …..

Yanik says:


Serviser Elektronike says:

how to create random numbers to list box visual basic???

Nazer Cardente says:

hello sir. do you know how to program multi columns in listbox. to Add 2 or more columns and to add data in the 2 columns. and to edit & delete.

Saleem Yassin says:

Please do not speak english again !

ProgrammingKnowledge says:
Serviser Elektronike says:

hi there i am watching your tutorials, you are great ! thank you very much

Innovater6 says:

how when i select something in a list box in visual basic can i get it to go into a text box

Amit Sharma says:

that’s great…….and thanks

The First says:

thank you so much

Phani raj vidhyadharani says:

i have added bunch of text files to a list box if i click on the file which is in the list box it should show the text file as a message in a message box.
please reply me as soon as possible.

ProgrammingKnowledge says:
Mega Soft says:

very nice thanks for the help (:

SillyMan0108 says:

Really good tutorial, maybe you should make a improved version of this and you show people how to make a panel or some other object appear when you click on a list box item! Thank you! And I think you do have some #ProgrammingKnowledge

RakutinBond says:


Spinning Leaf says:

These videos are very informative. Thanks.

S Solleti says:

Your teaching is simply superb…. Thanks…

Smiley Cyrus says:

kkk.jpg LOL

David edwards jr says:

nice, and simple.  good job!

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