Visual Basic Program Example

Introduces grade 10 students to programming in Visual Basic. Students have already programmed in Turing


EEK Productions says:

THIS IS FOR GRADE 10?????//?/


now this is a proper programming software

/AGB/ La Tanc says:

where i can download visual basic?

Strange Particl says:

My Regards and Respect 

parvesh pahwa says:

thanku soo much for ur help … godd bless u dir

jericho badbad says:

Could anyone tell me how can i register my visual basic 2008 express for free?

John Osyer says:

best ….Respect

Adi Arul says:

I have my computer practical exam tomorrow and u helped me a lot

I thank u

Nivas Sri says:


Bhuwan Rawat says:

thank you for uploading this video and teaching from starting and explain  each point 

Suraj Yadav says:

Thank you brother

Mantra says:


Fran x1024 says:

i’m not shore about it but is visual basic same as vbscript

Eddie B says:

thank you very much! this helped a ton.

Aya Raziki says:

it deosn’t work in vb6.0:/

cu.fractus says:

great tutorial, thanks man 

The Life says:

great job

fazy trins says:

Bonjour voici un LIENS pour se qui aime VB pour ajouter pleins de chose de dans (FORM – BOUTON – ProgressBar  etc…..)il y a beaucoup de chose au choix une très grande liste  franchement j’adore car il y a des chose vraiment bien dedans ::))

Dan Barker says:

I don’t have windows when I click on new project, do I click on standard?

SoldierCyfix says:

i keep getting an answer of zero …wtf 

A Benjeddi says:

Good one, thank you


That was a great tutorial for me to learn my 1st programe

TanZila pRomee says:

Thank u for this video,it helps me a lot. But I have a another question is that u hv shown coding about calculation but does it have more coding for different function? If yes plz mention them too

Ammu kutty says:

anybody else pls help me….this semester im duing project paper….about supermarket management system.. i am dont know how to design in vb software…

Patricia B says:

Hi, I tried following you on this tutorial using Visual Basic 2010 and at the end I get ” throw new notimplementedexception” and it did not calculate. what did i do wrong?

Rodrigo Capawing says:

Nice …very good ..

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