Visual Basic: Simple Login Form Tutorial

How to make a Login form on Visual Basic/Studio 2008/2010/2012
*Code will work on mentioned versions


Replace “ryuuichie” with your own username and replace “adminpass” with your own password

*Do not erase the quotation marks

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Leow says:

Were do I put the code its different to the one in the vid

otgtech says:

+Ryuuichie some cool music u got there!!!!!
can u please give me the link to it..

Indust Tree says:

The Best! of Login! Good!

Zakariabkl says:

Thanks you really helped me Thank you!!


CODE site -not working

Mustapha Eric Bayoh says:

This is total rubbish, i mean do you expect someone to understand this?

Jonny OctaV14 says:

mekanam kehelmal programme ekak

You Tube says:

thats gay simple you little starter you need a register lol

ReviveArts says:

These is ez to crack. no

Tauhid Khan says:

Thank you

CedGamingDE says:

Thats not safe at all. You can just decompile the program and see the password.

Mr. Krabs says:

Hey can someone help me Form2.Show() , TextBox1.Text = “admin” doesnt work if someone has solved this problem

Selam says:

Hey your Logo makes me sick but nice speed i like speed tutorials

Gus1bus115 says:

fuck your code its blocked cunt

christian israel Atienza says:

Thank you ! :* Ryuuichie !

Hour Gaming DX says:

Thank You

141 1992 says:

yahooo i watch complete this video with 1000 times pause .

d**k headed kid #harambe-Pabs says:

If I will get A+ then I will pray you bro

josh is best says:

can you add more than 1 usernames if yes How?

Alex NugetYT says:

this doesn’t work

Wolf says:

is there a way to make it open a new window when you login? like a page that says stuff ?

Harry Merritt says:

i know im over 4 years late XD but i have done what you have done but when i run it it runs perfectly but the application is greyed out so cant type or click on anything except the minimise and maximise buttons, im sure its a simple fix just cant work it out!
Thanks for the great video though ignore the “cunt” Gus1bus115 your videos are really good!!!

Joshua Rodrick says:

In which language was the code written

Cheroiu Aurelian says:

Hello guys , anyone know how to attach this application / mini-project   called ‘ Login Form ‘   to Another ?    
I just want to make for exemple an application with 5 users and my user have full rights if it is possible. Can someone help / adivce me ? 

Angeldust1017 Channel says:

it also can be do with an array

Cipichao says:

and after You log in how to the normal form?

Naasir Hussain says:

yea the form keeps on saying else errors even tough i did everything on the video what shall i do

Fuqing Rules says:

tnx man

-FuZion- Lau says:


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