Visual Basic Tutorial 2

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In this part of my Visual Basic Tutorial series we’ll look at Math Functions, String Functions, Dates, Subroutines, Functions, Arrays, the For Loop and much more.

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Pink Lady says:

I am learning fast with you. Many thanks for your tutorials.

Ferdinand Rosmi says:

“For i As Integer = 0 To arrayEmployees.Length – 1”, Um im wondering on that part why is that “-1” put on the last part of the code?

Di Xiao says:

Where is my how to run tutorial

jose p lopez says:

Derek,Thanks for the 2 tutorials. I enrolled on the MVA program and started the MTA course Software Developmnent Fundamentals with hope to mecome a MSCA specifically on SharePoint since I have been working with it for the last 10 year and never sat down on a class. These videos had help me understand the software capability and easyness to develop programs after I took the first coures in the MTA series.Again thanks for your time

Yadishare Tutorial says:

Very useful…thanks.

Oliver Benson says:

Thanks for the video Derek! Can’t wait for the next one! 😀

Pat T says:

Thank you Derek.  You speak fast and clear.   Very useful!

omgMamba says:

Can you maybe think of homeworks (practice problems) to do to implement what we’re learning in the videos. I struggle to think of ways to use it, but love to be challenged to use it.

Paavan Gupta says:

Sir, can you please define me what are subroutines and CompareMethod

Posh Guy says:

Some Erlang would be good.

S Chaugala says:

hello Derek
could you please teach us about data structures and algorithms with
asymptotic notation

jack sheridan says:

does anyone know how to make a button invisible and save it, so that when you close and open the form the button is till invisible

Mikkel Rev says:

Should that last for loop have sum += number(i) instead of += i ?

Disciplined Coding says:

I always learn something new watching ur tuts…”Gold”!

Daniel Jordanov says:

yo derek, when you do the react tutorial can you do it the es6 way?

Sexted Cunt says:


DouGlas Fernando says:

Olá Derek Banas, Derek gostei muitos das suas aulas e esta me ajudando muito na faculdade mas sou bem leigo em inglês, gostaria de saber se você poderia abilita a legenda em Português, desde ja agradeco e muito obrigado pelo conteudo.

Mpho Mollo says:

Derek could u please do tutorials for C# language.
How did u manage to learn so many languages? please tell.

Ben S. says:

Derek As someone who is only tech savvy on a retail level, ie virus removal, the first video helped me understand the basics very well, this video however seems to be going over my head with the math functions, as in the mindset of when youll need to use these. are there any other resources out there you would recommend to me (im going back to college next year, but in the meantime want to have a productive hobby in the field i want). or another field of IT that may be a little more simple for an uneducated guy like myself? i want to work into this but feel its beyond me at the moment, and im open to any ideas you may have (or anyone else for that matter). great videos by the way!

Luis Padilla says:

Hey Dereck, do you know if Microsoft is going to keep supporting LightSwitch? If they will, for how long?

Matia_orignal says:

I like visual basic more then c# and like few minute ago i was watching ur “c# in one video” and i now know that there was a video for visual basic…
But i still like ur vids though

Aaron Fox says:

What is the largest number visual studios can count to way a trillion or the computer

Eric Lim says:

I love you

The Wanted Boys says:

still waiting for the big c++ tutorial

Mike Nelhams says:

Very useful, perfect at 2.0x speed.
Full of content and doesn’t make assumptions on the viewers’ knowledge: it just starts from the beginning.

Francisco casco says:

I have to convert maths functions to string because Visual can’t me to continue running and send an error, but it doesn’t matter I fixed the problem, Thanks Derek

robicher says:

Excellent! Even better than tutorial 1, which was great. Moving on to #3 !
*8-) THANKS!

Aaron Fox says:

What’s the best way to contact you?

Johnny C says:

Just starting to get into programming to supplement my job…these are my go-to tutorials. Thank you!

Kay says:

derek, do you also do framework tuts like monogame/libgdx? would be nice 😀

AlmaGrebiᴴᴰ says:

#TNK’s +10
#Meteor_JS Best #Fremwork JS is not it

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