Visual Basic Tutorial For Beginners

Visual Basic Tutorial For Beginners using visual studio 2010
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Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express


Chutipong Roobklom says:

Robot!!! 4:17

Todd Boniface says:

Don’t worry guys, a new revised video is on the way! I had no idea when I made this video that it would reach 50k views!

L. Joao says:

the video was off line so you could not see what was entered.  The audio was also bad towards the end of the video,

Abb Ramos says:

good tutorial, thanks!, describing in more detail the steps taken would help even more

Frank Aldea says:

what is it called??

Jaspher Plays says:

Is it possible for a 12 year old like me,to learn these stuff??

nickda1 says:

how can i set the output path please im having problems running my application because my project isn’t set to my output path or somthing like that

Oralden says:

Hey Todd, If you dont mind, what software application are you using for the video capture? I am trying to find a good screen capture software (without Adware and Malware) for MP4 video output. Good tutorial!

Foogyez says:

Get vetter Mick omg…..

therockstar17 says:

Buttons, textboxes, etc. are called controls, not objects. Objects are instances of classes.

louiejay lomibao says:

this is for stupid guy like you hahahahahahah you suck!!!!

BetterQuitt says:

Hi, I have 2 forms named form1.vb and form2.vb. When I tried to run my second form “form2.vb”, it keeps running my form1.vb. Is there any setting to change my debugging mode from “form1”  into “form2” ? Please help me thanks

RealNightFury says:

I have a book explaining how to work with VB and i love it!

Valtixo says:

I cant see what your typing

Justin Beamish says:

Unfortunately half the screen is missing and voice is breaking up and distorting half way through. But otherwise good.

RealNightFury says:

Learning programming using visual

John-vo says:

i just get this message..

Could not resolve mscorlib for target framework ‘.NETFramework,Version=v4.0,Profile=Client’. This can happen if the target framework is not installed or if the framework moniker is incorrectly formatted.

what sould i do?

TheAzul03 says:

Nice Vid Bro!
can you upload some tutorials with Visual studio 2012?

Kelly panizza says:

Mahasi hasan can you please give me the name of the book for programming in vb 10x

F Hilton says:

thanks for the information

Todd Boniface says:

yeah thats camtasia studio being annoying..

ToeBoy says:

sirduffin (dot) com

plcprofessor says:

Camtasia Studio has settings that will allow much better resolution or reduced capture area as well as being able to remove that background noise. Some of my videos have a lag between the audio and video which I finally figured out how to eliminate. Good luck…

louiejay lomibao says:

nice try granddad hahhhhhhhhhha

Todd Boniface says:

@TheAzul03 sure! Visual studio 2012 wasn’t out at the time of recording… Subscribe for more. Thanks, I love comments like this. Appreciate it mate!

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