Visual Studio Code Intro & Setup

In this video we will take a look at the Visual Studio Code text editor and talk about the features, how to navigate the editor, use the terminal. we will setup some of my favorite extensions and briefly look at version control.

VSCode video created by my Discord server mod, Simen:


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Nabil Fannane says:

Headache and ALL THAT CRAP !! maaaaan you killed me HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Traversy Media says:

As some mentioned, you can just click the pencil icon next to the setting you want to change. I evidently like to make things harder for myself 🙂

Raghav Sood says:

I hate the GUI too chunky and clicky. I prefer dev c++ simply.

Roberto Ayala says:

This guy is using your video on his YouTube channel

Qadees Javed says:

its amazing

pavlo belenko says:

Thank you very much man for your video. It is really helpful!!!

Nobal Dhruw says:

My eyes started paining when that red colored theme popped up on screen 😛

Ninety says:

hi, can anyone tell me why at the bottom left there’s the synchronize changes arrow down and up shows 0 down and 4 up? What does that mean? is something commit pending? I tried a git push but the error message comes back saying “can’t push refs to remote. Try running ‘pull’ first to integrate your changes… I ran pull a bunch of times just fine. and the 4 up arrow still shows up and this message continues to display as an error when i push.

Mathias Matanda says:

I trust you and hope you’re doing well Sir, would you please help me install npm in vs code terminal i’m struggling a lot,

Mohammad Mehrab Hossain says:

Hey, Can I use Live Server instead of Webpack-dev-server ???? for running dynamic development code ??

Kenichi Mori says:


ND I says:

by far, easy & fast start-up lessons for not experienced devs.

faiza faiza says:

this demonstration was fructfull congratulations for the help you gave us

paolo-1283 says:

Is it possible to have multiple different terminal shells? like for example everytime you click add you can choose either powershell, cmd or gitbash?

Cyberpunk Computing says:

It’s so weird seeing an open source product from Microsoft.

Bobby Show Time says:

I’m Using Python in order to do my programing what is this guy using to do his because python isn’t working for me.

Tech world says:

hey traversy Media how you met your wife.

Andre Undso says:

Thank you for that great intro

Pella says:

PERFECT! Thank you

James Dunnigan says:

any suggestions I can’t get emmet to work for html when in a js file

red45935 says: Im not sure how your getting 2 different terminals, when I do this I only get bash and bash. Or cmd and cmd. I want bash & cmd.

Vincent Dave Te says:

Can you connect vst to firebase database?

Tommy says:

why would i use this instead of the normal visual studio?

pritampradhan1 says:

I like the fact that you dont get bored and elaborate just everything… Valuable videos.

Juan De Souza says:

bracket pair colorizer is not necessary anymore. The new VSCode version 1.23 already comes with this feature out of the box.

Ali Parlakci says:

Greetings from Turkey, I am 18 and have interested in web developing for a week now. Your channel is treasure. All the good tutorial videos and the amazing toys to play with such as Ubuntu Terminal… I know you read these comments, just wanted to say that. Keep up the good work!

Shah Alom says:

Very useful tutorial. Thanks (y)

Speedhaak says:

Just installed Visual Studio Code tonight as everyone’s been on about it for what seems like ages. I’ve been using Atom for a year or so now but so far VSC looks sweet. Lots of in-built functionality. Was browsing through it’s settings when I thought to myself “I know who’ll have a video about this” and off I went. Cheers Brad, thanks for the extension suggestions and basic setup info. 🙂

Grazia Lotito says:


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