VSCode Tutorials #1 – Introduction To Visual Studio Code

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Visual Studio Code is a lightweight but powerful source code editor which runs on your desktop and is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. It comes with built-in support for JavaScript, TypeScript and Node.js and has a rich ecosystem of extensions for other languages (such as C++, C#, Python, PHP, Go) and runtimes (such as .NET and Unity).


MrMrwilson11 says:

I like Atom but view it as a lumbering giant

Niels Abel says:

Last versions of VS Code are getting worse release by release. Just now I have opened 1300 lines html file and editor works appreciably slow! C++ extention and Python extension doesnt work correctly after new releases. Well JavaScript based editors and desktop programs based on javaScript are choice of housewomen. Even Microsoft cant make handy and fast editor for web developers.

Spencer White says:

I can also see how it could even replace an IDE. For example, PyCharm is killer with memory

TheBonekit says:

Good Video for starting with VSCode 🙂

R. Fynn says:

Man, without a zoom it’s almost impossible to see in a tablet or 13″ screen laptop. Thanks in advance. Regards.

winterwolf993 says:

Just switched from Sublime, VS Code is amazing editor after installing few extensions.

MrTweetyhack says:

This is one stupid editor. Install plugin but no way to execute plugin. At least with ATOM, you can go to the menu and click to run. So stupid.

Karol Młot says:

I like VSCode but with “Php intellisense” extension i cant jump to definition particular function. For example in class from example http://php.net/manual/pl/keyword.parent.php i cant jump into parent::example(); function. It is solution for this problem ?

demian triebl says:

i see this program, and use meteor, you can make a video of meteor debbugin with vsCode?

soulademics says:

ok this mght be a dumb question…but in VS Code how to you autofill your tags? like In Atom when you type HTML it automatically fills in….please help with this, thanks.

< !DOCTYPE html>

GeniusBug says:

Looks beautiful!

AMC Films says:

Want to add that you can change the side bar but only with certain theme packs, abyss and one of the material themes are two I know of

Daniel Laera says:

It’s been a long time that the terminal plus plugin doesn’t work on Atom so i use Visual S.

Ashiqur Rahman says:

how can i remove folder from “explorer”?

lordoverseer81 says:

First 30 seconds is blank…. Still great job with the video!

Jason Miller says:

poor adam 🙁 whoever that is

Booker Johnson says:


Viky Viki says:

thank you
I really confused with 2015 version
the others tutorial have different interface
(sorry, english is not very good with me)

Sebastian Spatafore says:

atom is slow as hell, I prefer sublime but I want try visual studio code.

Dylan T says:

an MS app that runs on my ubuntu desktop. [mind blown]

Mohamed Hamdeen says:

Please make your screen closer

IDFWU says:

Someone please help me. When I try to debug it says: ‘please validate the path ‘python”.

Thomas Steven says:

Hi, Scott. Do you prefer using this for Meteor development over something like Webstorm?

MrDisco says:

This might be slightly unrelated but since you went into this discussion about atom in the beginning, out of curiosity have you tried keeping atom extensions/plugins/packages to a minimum, for the longest time my atom had almost no plugin and I can’t say I’ve ever experienced slowness…

Mohammed saad says:

Can I use it to debug a page or a part in chrome??( Just for basic things)
I am just curious about it ☺️

deprilula28 says:

Ugh mac user
Whenever I watch someone use a mac I’m just cringing at how silly it is

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